IT Risk Analysis and Management Responsibilities

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IT risk analysis is the process by which a computer system or network is explored to uncover vulnerabilities in security and effectiveness. Certain safeguards such as firewalls, encrypted data and password protection serve as barriers to potential threats, including malware, viruses and data corruption. At SolarWinds MSP (formerly LOGICnow), our software helps analyze, assess and manage every information technology risk before disaster strikes.

Who Uses IT Risk Analysis?

As more industries become reliant on storing data to inform their clients, store patient records and balances and optimize personal marketing, protecting that information from breaches, malware, viruses and more becomes critical.

Industries such as health care rely on secure IT solutions to keep their patient records compliant with HIPAA standards.

Financial institutions go to great lengths to safeguard the integrity of their clients and their statements.

Government institutions, schools and even marketing firms rely on information technology to keep the flow of new data secure and effortless.

When software becomes outdated, your clients' information technology may be at risk. Routine risk analysis is the only key to safeguarding data.

With SolarWinds MSP, you can rest assured that every corner of your clients' information system will be checked and assessed for vulnerabilities.

Keep Up with the Pace of Technology with SolarWinds MSP

SolarWinds MSP's MSP Risk Intelligence tools can help your clients work faster and smarter when it comes to IT risk analysis. Our best in class remote desktop management system will analyze security, plan a path to success, implement solutions, monitor progress and print a report with an exact dollar amount on the liability that each risk poses the framework. That is total system management you can count on.

Find accounting errors, coding glitches, unauthorized access points and more.

MSP Risk Intelligence offers a comprehensive solution to IT risk analysis:

  • Quantified financial risk assessment
  • Sensitive data discovery
  • Cloud-based
  • Health data discovery
  • Personally-identifiable information discovery
  • Deep vulnerability scanning
  • Risk trending reports
  • PCI DSS compliance scanning
  • Inappropriate access permissions discovery and alerts

Be up and running in 10 minutes or less. Try a risk free 14-day trial today!




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