Enterprise Data Backup

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More than ever before, enterprise data backup and recovery is vital to keeping operations up and running. MSP Backup & Recovery from SolarWinds MSP (formerly LOGICnow) is the optimal enterprise data backup solution, capable of protecting, storing, and restoring data with less effort and more efficiency than ever before.

Data Protection From an Industry Leader

Data is at the heart of all business, and as such, your clients' data has to be secure and readily accessible. Enterprise data protection is more important and more challenging than ever before. At the center of data protection is data backup, a process that duplicates files and stores them in the event that a machine, network, or server fails or undergoes damage. 

Major Challenges in Enterprise Backup and Recovery:

  1. The sheer volume of data is ever-increasing, in part due to the nature of the way businesses have evolved and in part because of the increasing use of multimedia and varied file formats
  2. Retention requirements vary from industry to industry, and compliance with regulations must be considered for every step of data management. 
  3. Data recovery speeds must be faster than ever before to keep businesses up and running. Your clients can't wait hours or days to get back to doing what they do. 

Ineffective backup software can leave businesses out of compliance and disrupt day-to-day operations. 

SolarWinds MSP’s backup software conquers these challenges and streamlines backup services, leaving client systems and servers secure, protected, and quickly restorable. 

MSP Backup & recovery assures that files are quickly and automatically backed up without anyone in the office having to take time out of their day to complete the process. SolarWinds MSP's hybrid cloud structure means that data will be stored both on-site and in the cloud. And if something does go wrong, whether on-site or with your off-site server, you can restore systems within minutes. 

Begin your free 30-day trial today and see how SolarWinds MSP adds security, convenience, and reliability to your corporate data. 

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