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The cloud has proven to be the most efficient method of backing up data at the enterprise level. And SolarWinds MSP's (formerly LOGICnow) MSP Backup and Recovery has shown to be the solution.

Enterprise-level data requires enterprise-level capacity. And most hard drives and other systems are not sufficient enough to back up mountains of information.

But SolarWinds MSP has a better way. Our backup solution gives your clients the ability to leverage:

  • Data archiving. Keep files archived and organized for easy navigation for as long as they need them.
  • File versioning. Not only are their files backed up to the cloud, but even previous versions of files are made accessible. 
  • True Delta technology. Perform faster and more optimized backups while reducing windows backups by up to 80 percent.
  • Virtual machine backups. Instantly access VMware and Hyper-V virtual systems.

Better Backup Leads to Enterprise Security

Enterprise-level data requires more than just a powerful backup platform. It also commands enterprise-level security and recovery capabilities. And too many backup solutions leave companies at risk for data loss or breaches.

When your clients back up files to the cloud with SolarWinds MSP, they do so with:

  • Secure data centers. Encrypt data and store it in ISO-certified or SSAE-compliant data centers. 
  • Continuous recovery. A standby virtual server stays continuously up to date on your clients' data so they stay continuously up to date on security.
  • Bare metal recovery. Utilize a bootable USB drive to make a full recovery from bare metal.
  • Virtual disaster recovery. In the event that bare metal recovery isn’t possible, the user can still recover to a virtual machine.

MSP Backup & Disaster Recovery allows individuals to initiate a hybrid cloud architecture for both on and off-site storage. Your clients can even download a software-only version if they wish to use only a private infrastructure.

Try MSP Backup and Disaster Recovery free for 30 days as part of our free trial offer and help your clients turn their enterprise problems into an enterprise solution.




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