Cloud File Sharing for Every Industry

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The cloud file sharing and storage solutions from Citrix ShareFile® offer simplicity and security. With ShareFile, businesses can thrive across multiple devices and platforms with full Windows, Mac and mobile app support. File authorization, data backup, email and workflow control can all be controlled with this single comprehensive solution. Find out how ShareFile can integrate seamlessly with an organization's computing infrastructure.

Secure file sharing and cloud storage

If all of a company’s hard data is tied to a single physical server, the entire database is at risk of being compromised. Cloud file sharing and security solutions can seamlessly restore and recover data when an organization suffers a network accident or data breach.

Industries such as health care and finance depend on safe communication, collaboration and data storage that is compliant with industry standards and safeguards. If you’re operating on an unsecured, unencrypted file sharing platform, there is an increased risk of potentially crippling fines in addition to the operational costs of data loss.

ShareFile offers multi-tiered security and cross-platform support to protect data from every angle.

Smart cloud file sharing with ShareFile

According to Business News Daily, cloud file sharing is a necessary aspect of organizational growth. “Although email is the most common way businesses communicate, collaborate and share information, limitations within commonly used email systems, such as file-size and storage constraints, often create restrictions.”

ShareFile defies those restrictions and provides a safe network for your employees, clients and patients to share information. You can access, share and edit files on the cloud or on premises, and you can utilize both to have the fastest data retrieval infrastructure around.

Here are just a few of the cloud file sharing and storage features you can expect from ShareFile:

  • Automatic maintenance without downloading or installing bulky software packages
  • Personalized and cost-efficient plans
  • 24/7 Support
  • Reinforced email infrastructure that keeps working when your primary email server is down
  • True mobility with mobile apps and mobile device features
  • Cloud file sharing and syncing from any device
  • Data and asset tracking
  • Permission-based workflow control
  • Seamless integration with your existing tools and framework
  • Reduced turnaround time with e-signature

ShareFile believes in simplified cloud file sharing. Find out for yourself how ShareFile can help support your business and try ShareFile free for 30 days.



Business News Daily:

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Citrix ShareFile is the secure file sharing, sync, and storage solution that's built for business. Try it Free!

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