Connect! A Guide to A New Way of Working from GigaOM’s Web Worker Daily tells you how to find success and satisfaction using the web. Here’s what you’ll read about in Connect!:

  • Chapter 1: Towards a web working world. Understand the trends underpinning the shift to web work, including the rise of the social web and the power of open thinking.
  • Chapter 2: Get ready to web work. Choose your workplace, your computer, and your browser. Then arrange it for connectivity and productivity.
  • Chapter 3: Burst your productivity. Learn about new methods and tools to manage your to-do list, your calendar, and your daily activities.
  • Chapter 4: Rethink your relationship with email. Explore different ways of dealing with and relating to your email.
  • Chapter 5: Surf waves of information. Find out how to manage the crush of information available to you on and offline.
  • Chapter 6: Connect, communicate, and collaborate. Reach out to your colleagues online. Work together effectively.
  • Chapter 7: Go mobile. Take your web work on the road, whether for business travel or just for a visit to a wifi cafĂ©.
  • Chapter 8: Explode your career. Discover how the web can burst your work life apart, letting you work how, where, and with whom you want.
  • Chapter 9: Manage your money. Manage your income, your expenses, and your taxes. Includes special tips for the self-employed, since the web makes it so much easier to earn money for yourself.
  • Chapter 10: Blending your work and your personal life. Mix up the elements of your life in a way that suits you.
  • Chapter 11: The future of web work. Think about longer-term trends in web work and what the future holds for you.

Also, if you’re interested in working from home, be sure to check out the free online-only bonus chapter with no-nonsense advice about home-based advice.