Connect! coverAre you a web worker? You are if you use the web to reach out beyond the confines of your office, cubicle, home workspace, or seat at the coffee shop to connect and collaborate with others doing the same thing.

The editors at Web Worker Daily have written a book, Connect! A Guide to a New Way of Working, that gathers practical tips and ideas about how you can succeed at work better than ever before using the web.

Find more success with the web

In Connect! you’ll learn the secrets to working successfully in the web age including how to:

  • Tap into bursts of productivity and achievement
  • Share in the open abundance of the web age
  • Boost your professional networking expertise using ideas from network science
  • Make yourself smarter by thinking with the web mind
  • Revolutionize your approach to email
  • Stay on top of the ocean of information available online
  • Reframe your career plan for the web age
  • Find wealth in your online relationships
  • Use mindfulness and flow to keep your work and and personal life blended and balanced

Buy the book now. And don’t miss our bonus chapter Work from Home: A No-Nonsense Guide to Home-Based Work, only available online.

Reviews of Connect!

Josh Porter, Bokardo: “the verdict: Highly recommended. Connect is an excellent guide to working on the web, offering an comprehensive overview of all the things to think about and consider if you’re working from home or your job happens to be primarily web-based.”

Laura Spencer, Work from Home Momma: “The book is that rare combination that both instructs and affirms. ‘At last, somebody finally gets what working online is really all about,’ kept running through my head as I read it.”

Advance praise for Connect!

“This is a book about the future that is arriving now. It will transform your work habits, productivity, and attitude.”
— Richard Ogle, Author, Smart World

“Zelenka gives every web worker—be they corporate or indie—an array of invaluable tips and insights to survive what surely is the beginning of a golden era of work.”
— Steve Rubel, Senior Vice President, Edelman and AdAge Digital columnist

“Zelenka demonstrates how putting the web to its best use can actually boost your productivity, if not entirely transform your career.”
— Gina Trapani, Editor, Lifehacker

“Full of great tips and terrific suggestions, it’s a must-read how-to guide for the digitally minded.”
— Kara Swisher, Co-Executive Editor, AllThingsD

“This is an awesome resource for independent web workers!”
— Tara Hunt, Founder, Citizen Agency

Want to know more about what’s in the book? Here’s a chapter by chapter breakdown.