Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is informed by our values. It provides an overview of the legal and ethical standards every representative of GigaOm is expected to follow to uphold our reputation for trust and integrity.

We strive to treat all vendors equally throughout our independent research process. For the sake of integrity all peer, technical, and quality reviews are conducted by the research team outside of any commercial relationships held elsewhere in the business.

GigaOm acts with integrity and seeks to uphold trust when working with our clients and colleagues. GigaOm employees and contractors are expected to:

  • Produce research that is clear, defensible, actionable and useful to our strategic practitioner audience so that we may be judged on the quality and integrity of our products and their value and invite improvements to meet our quality and value bar.
  • In the interests of providing unbiased, quality research, employees and contractors of GigaOm are expected to report any conflicts of interest.
  • We are constantly raising the bar for ourselves, our competitors, and the marketplace to produce the highest quality offerings available.
  • As an organization, we will be transparent in how we design, operate, and deliver to minimize confusion and maximize quality in the things we do and how we work with our customers.
  • As an organization, we will trust our people and conduct honest, defensible, and fair research. We work to provide solutions that are beneficial to our customers so they always trust our work. We will communicate our research clearly and honestly.