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The number of people watching full episodes of broadcast and cable shows will continue to rise, but it will be inhibited by growth in DVRs and improvements to on-demand video services, according to Convergence Consulting. The research firm estimates that 23 percent of U.S. TV watchers […] Read more »

Independent video search engines haven’t really taken off, in part because YouTube is still the one and only brand name associated with web video. That’s changing, especially as the TV networks put their shows online — and off YouTube. But YouTube is firmly entrenched. And a […] Read more »

More TV (if Less Primetime) Watched During Strike; Nielsen study finds daytime, VOD, and cable more than made up for lack of new broadcast shows. (The Hollywood Reporter) Shakeup at Fox Interactive Media; company still struggles to monetize its sites, likely to miss revenue goal by […] Read more »

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Seesmic has acquired the desktop Twitter client Twhirl, the company announced tonight. Twhirl is a one-man operation, an Adobe Air (a.k.a. cross-platform) application that uses the Twitter API. So why is this a video story? Seesmic CEO Loic Le Meur explains in the clip below that, […] Read more »

A year ago today we wrote about how TV Guide was revamping its web site to add online video. With its index of television-related video from some 65 video sites, our reviewer Steve Bryant’s take was that “the main benefit of Stingray (the portal’s code name) […] Read more »

After we quoted the CEO of VideoEgg this week as saying that the market for overlaid video advertising would be a smaller than previously expected, we got a lot of feedback from his competitors. When it comes down to it, they don’t disagree with VideoEgg’s estimates, […] Read more »

Major League Baseball struck out with fans this week with its MLB.TV online video player. The web’s been abuzz about technical difficulties during the first two days of games that shut out subscribers who shell out $20 a month for the service. Trouble started opening day […] Read more »

loading external resource to Offer Paramount Movie Clips; virtual world for young adults will enable avatars to display snippets from movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Clueless. (MediaWeek) Fox Business Channels Goes Mobile; network gets a live channel on MobiTV. (Multichannel News) Three Sheets Premiering on Hulu; […] Read more »

With technologies like TiVo and text messaging taking over the world, marketers are being forced to rethink their approach to advertising. The New York Times writes that NBC is hearkening back to its roots by moving beyond the 30-second commercial to form bigger, longer-term relationships with […] Read more »

While the subject of Internet fame seems like ripe material for the South Park guys to ravage, the result is surprisingly bland. On last night’s show they took shots at Tay Zonday, Chris Crocker, Numa Numa kid, Star Wars kid, and a bunch of other web […] Read more »

Content delivery network Velocix will power delivery of HD content through MediaMelon‘s P2P video network. While P2P is great for distributing popular files (lots of “peers” to download from), it isn’t always as speedy for brand-new or less popular files. Velocix is being brought on to […] Read more »

Do your torrent downloads seem to be taking longer than usual? Are you trying to transfer, say, a home video to a friend via Pando and the upload keeps getting stuck? Or maybe you’re having problems with BitTorrent’s new streaming service, which just doesn’t seem to […] Read more »

Yahoo has discontinued production of its viral video roundup show The 9. The show’s final episode aired on Monday. Neeraj Khemlani, Yahoo’s head of programming, downplayed the change when we talked to him late Wednesday, contending The 9 had seen surprising longevity. “Two years in Internet […] Read more »

NBC is pulling out all the digital stops for its upcoming summer and fall seasons. Alongside the official unveiling of its oldteevee programming lineup, NBC announced an upcoming online series and said it has renewed webisodes for hit shows and is expanding its use of user-generated […] Read more »

Veronica Belmont announced on her blog today that she is leaving web startup Mahalo, where she hosts the Mahalo Daily video show. Belmont would not yet specify what her “exciting new projects” will be, but we’ll get back to you when she does. Update: Belmont tells […] Read more »

Kimmel on YouTube: “It hurts as much as it helps;” late-night talk show host talks about the Nielsen boost the online vids for f#(*& Damon/Affleck have given his show. (for more, read Liz’s Q&A with Kimmel writer Jake Lentz) (Variety) TV Guide Goes Mobile; provides […] Read more »

Jessica Rose, who shot to Internet fame as Lonelygirl15 is back and starring in a new online horror series from 60Frames. Blood Cell is a thriller about a kidnapped girl who contacts Rose’s character through a video-enabled cell phone. If Rose goes to the cops or […] Read more »

Video search company blinkx is expanding into the Internet TV platform space with the launch of BBTV, a hybrid P2P service that promises to combine television watching and web surfing into one experience. That is, if you don’t mind a download, are on a PC and […] Read more »

Exactly a year ago we wrote about online news and pop culture show JETSET signing a distribution and monetization deal with Next New Networks. Now, in the first installment of a video industry gut-check series we’re going to call “NewTeeVee Rerun,” we asked creators Zadi Diaz […] Read more »

The entire market for non-YouTube in-video ads this year is worth between just $50 million and $60 million, according to VideoEgg CEO Matt Sanchez. Over lunch yesterday, the two of us talked about VideoEgg’s recent decision to drop many of its partners from its video platform […] Read more »

On April 1, Rickrolling became Public Enemy No. 1 to those devoted to serious Internet browsing. Since it’s always best to understand one’s enemy — and since tracking the evolution of this meme is a challenge worth undertaking — we thus present: Rickrolling: A Timeline 1969: […] Read more »

Comcast Doesn’t Admit to BitTorrent Blocking; in the wake of the Comcast/BitTorrent agreement, the cable company takes exception to statements made by the FCC chairman regarding its so-called network management practices. (Multichannel News) Veeple Joins the Clickable Video Fray; company uses Flash to recognize and embed […] Read more »

Ahhh, April Fools’ Day on the Internet. YouTube celebrated, capitalized and killed the meme of the moment by Rickrolling the planet. Click on any of the featured videos on the homepage and get swept up and away by Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Too […] Read more »

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the online video boom is helping Cisco Systems sell a lot of its top-of-the-line CRS-1 routers. The San Jose-based router and switch maker said that the total global cumulative shipments of CRS-1 Routers have doubled in less than nine […] Read more »

Safran Digital Group poked its head up today with the news it had cut a deal to produce the Xbox’ first original video content. We caught up with the company’s co-founder and COO Jake Zim this afternoon to get the nitty-gritty details. Though he had to […] Read more »

After months of controversy, Dutch politician Geert Wilders has released his anti-Islam short film Fitna online, a move many fear will incite a repeat of the violence resulting from the 2005 publication of cartoons of Muhammad. But so far, reaction to the film has been more […] Read more »

The first casualty in the battle to offer the most HD channels could ironically be video quality. A sharp-eyed poster over on the AVS Forum noticed that Comcast is recompressing some of its HD programming in an effort to squeeze more channels into its pipe. The […] Read more »

Where to begin with The C-Spot, a new “multiplatform comedy channel” distributed by Sony Pictures? Let’s set aside the fact that the online comedy space is already overcrowded. The biggest problem for this new comedy “platform” is that the “C” seems to stand for “cliché.” The […] Read more »

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