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Satellite TV company Dish Networks is planning to launch a mobile TV service. The company will trial a DVB-SH service with Alcatel Lucent, r… Read more »

This week ZVUE (formerly Handheld Entertainment) let it be known that Nasdaq had warned the company it was at risk of being delisted for dropping under $1 per share for the last month. The holding company runs a variety of online entertainment sites, including eBaum’s World […] Read more »

People on the Move; Lionsgate hires former CinemaNow CEO Curt Mavis for newly-created president of digital media position; TiVo CMO Clent Richardson leaves after less than eight months to become CEO of Immerision. (Mavis: The Hollywood Reporter; Richardson: Multichannel News) SaysMe.TV Raises First Round; political UGC […] Read more »

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DISH Networks is testing new equipment to enable TV transmission to mobile devices this summer, according to UBS analyst John Hodulik. The satellite company recently bought the nationwide E-block license with 6MHz capacity, which could be used for one-way TV broadcasts, and will be using the […] Read more »

Whasai!* Chinese officials are cracking down on Internet cafes that let customers download illegal copies of movies. Beijing courts are levying bigger fines for copyright infringers as part of an overall campaign against piracy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a third of China’s Internet users use […] Read more »

Is some die-hard DivX fan trying to resurrect the shuttered Stage 6 video sharing service? Ghacks was tipped by a commenter to Stage6 clone The site is live with the messages “DivX Stage6 returns here on April 29th 2008,” and “Stage6 Alternative / Clone.” There […] Read more »

Happy birthday, Chocolate Rain, only two days late. You and I are both Tauruses! Which is a big reason to be skeptical of astrology and what it says about one’s personality. After all, Chocolate Rain, you are a heavily synthesized song about racism performed by a […] Read more »

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Now this is a viral ad campaign done well. To promote its N-Gage gaming handset, Nokia staged a human version of its popular Snake mobile-phone game in Lisbon and shot a stop-motion film of it. While they do cheat a bit (the section where they jump […] Read more »

Remember when we complained about the Web 2.0 Expo having no video-related panels? Well, the folks at O’Reilly listened and gave us the mad-dash opportunity to create a session about a week before their conference. Inspired by one of the comments left here on NewTeeVee, we’ve […] Read more »

MobiTV Raises $5 Million More; money on top of the $125 million the white-label streaming service already raised. (VentureBeat) TubeMogul Adds Howcast; creators can now get analytics for their work on the instructional video site. (release) SAG and Studios Extend Talks; move helps alleviate fears of […] Read more »

If you want any indication as to how the movie download business is going, you’ll have to look elsewhere than yesterday’s earnings calls from Apple and Amazon. Though both companies are jockeying to lead us into a downloadable future, they barely touched on the topic during […] Read more »

Streaming TV provider MobiTV has received $5 million in funding from Leader Ventures, in addition to the $125 million it raised from VC firm… Read more »

Man, there’s been a lot of comics related news this week. Marvel Entertainment is keeping it going with its serious push into online territory. Marvel just hired former Sony Pictures Digital EVP Ira Rubenstein to head up its new Global Digital Media Group. With big budget […] Read more »

If you know your Devotchka from your Devendra Banhart, then you probably know Stereogum. The influential music blog recently launched Videogum, a site devoted to the more visual side of pop culture, including movies, TV and web video. BuzzNet took over Stereogum late last year in […] Read more »

Popular web comics Penny Arcade and PVP have both started livecasting video shows that illustrate (pardon the pun) their respective creative processes. Through Ustream, the cartoon artists behind the two comics are literally broadcasting the creation of them on their computer desktops, in real-time. Penny Arcade […] Read more »

PodShow is the latest company to ditch that oh-so-2005 name by switching to the relatively meaningless Mevio this week. Others who have dropped the “pod” include EveryZing (nee PodZinger) and VoloMedia (nee Podbridge). Can you escape the curse of the pod? It’s not looking too good […] Read more »

PodShow is changing its name to Mevio and tomorrow will launch a revamped web site that includes more features for watchers and listeners of its content. We spoke with founder and CEO Ron Bloom earlier this week. Here’s a short video of him explaining Mevio, which […] Read more »

Some How-To Videos are Making Money; instructional videos on stuff like turning a flashlight into a laser earned Kip Kedersha $102,000 from Metacafe last year. (The New York Times) Hollywood Divided Over Net Neutrality; WGA president testifies before Congress to keep the Internet open, but studios […] Read more »

The fight for your TV service could escalate as allegations arise that AT&T’s U-Verse is messing with Comcast’s network, according to Ars Technica. The problems occur when customers combine services — using U-Verse for television and Comcast for an Internet connection. Data travels along different paths […] Read more »

Holy Rorschach! Director Zack Snyder (300) wants you to create fake TV commercials that could be used in the background of his upcoming, geek-tastic, comic book nerdgasm of a feature film, WATCHMEN. There are a lot of TV screens in the movie, so rather than fill […] Read more »

Break out your puffy shirts, TBS has started streaming full episodes of Seinfeld, giving the network a new place to sell ads while giving the finger to Mac users who won’t be able to watch. MediaPost speculates that the show about nothing is only legally available […] Read more »

Nielsen today released its March VideoCensus numbers, saying it saw a slight decrease in U.S. unique video viewers — to 115.4 million, down from 115.8 million in February and 116.7 million in January. Total video streams, on the other hand, got a healthy boost, rising to […] Read more »

In researching consumer broadband habits, Om picked up some interesting tidbits from Arbor Networks, which manages traffic flow for ISPs around the planet. While Om had expected to find that peer-to-peer guzzles bandwidth, according to Arbor’s data, P2P applications are responsible for just 20 percent of […] Read more »

MySpace and NBC Join Forces for Campaign Coverage; Decision ’08 to provide daily videos from NBC and MSNBC, as well as user-generated content. (Reuters) MediaScrape Raises $3.16 Million; Montreal-based news video aggregator, syndicator and translator gets money from undisclosed investors. (paidContent) BayTSP and NTT Partner for […] Read more »

Today is like the Super Bowl for our greener sister publication, Earth2Tech. And though they glower at us every time we eat a dolphin-unsafe tuna sandwich, Earth Day is the one day on which we happily unite to try and save this rock we all live […] Read more »

Video content from Headlines Today will be made available on blinkx, by virtue of a deal that the video search engine has struck with India… Read more »

Joey and David of have, by way of original comedy pieces like 14 Days in a Civic and eHarmony’s Minor Matchmaker, already gotten Hollywood’s attention. But does making shorts for the Internet mean Joey and David know anything about making viral videos? Well, they managed […] Read more »

Sony execs have been lining up licensing deals with the other major studios for a video delivery service on the company’s Playstation 3 game console that could launch as early as this summer, the LA Times reports today. This would go head-to-head with Xbox Live, which […] Read more »

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said on the company’s earnings call today that it’s “thrilled” with the progress of its online streaming service. He disclosed that in addition to an announced partnership with LG to bring video to the TV, Netflix has signed three additional consumer electronics […] Read more »

For anyone that’s ever dreamed of working long hours for little pay, NBC News and the New York Film Academy have teamed up to offer a program in digital journalism. According to the Film Academy’s web site: NBC NEWS and the New York Film Academy created […] Read more »

UBS’s John Hodulik, one of the best telecom analysts around, has pegged AT&T as his top pick for this earnings seasons. What was especially interesting in the note he sent out this morning was the progress made by AT&T’s IPTV effort, U-Verse. Hodulik says AT&T added […] Read more »

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