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During its upfront, Turner Entertainment (TNT, TBS, TruTV) unveiled a new TV advertising system that should sound a little bit familiar to web-savvy folks like yourselves. Dubbed TVinContext, the service provides relevant ad targeting based on the content of a show. For example, a show featuring […] Read more »

Wow, just when we question those EQAL guys’ reasoning for doing something dumb by pulling a hit series, they show they have something much more interesting up their sleeves. Today at CBS’ upfront, a major partnership between the network and the just-funded startup was announced. Under […] Read more »

TV networks need to amp up advertising in their online streaming, and do it fast, says Forrester analyst James McQuivey in a new, very savvy research report. He posits that online streaming of TV-like content is only going to increase, so networks should start setting expectations […] Read more »

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Despite cries from its online fan base, CBS has canceled the vampire drama Moonlight. And though Internet fans are protesting, the network isn’t budging, especially after it got burned by all those Jericho fans who demanded their show stay on the air — but couldn’t rally […] Read more »

The premise of Lifetime’s new web series Street Doctors is a good one: Get a real doctor to answer some of those nuttier medical questions you’re pretty sure you know the answer to, but would be happy to get confirmation on. Questions like “How do you […] Read more »

EchoStar to Introduce First-Ever Cable Product Next Week; SlingModem plugs into coaxial cable, acts as a modem with the place-shifting capabilities of a SlingBox. (Multichannel News) Older DVR Users Skip Ads; 52 percent of men ages 55-64 skip ads all the time, compared with just 21 […] Read more »

Deca’s new online video series Bush League is dedicated to all things dude (because the young male demographic is sorely underserved online). The Bush League blog/web show combo thinks its comedic take on guy topics like gadgets, video games and, of course, girls will set it […] Read more »

Daniel Robin’s short film my olympic summer, about how the 1972 Munich Olympics kidnappings had the unlikely side effect of saving his parents’ marriage, won the Jury Prize earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival. Robin has been producing Quicktime-based web series since 2000, and […] Read more »

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Even though Dish Network is testing mobile TV transmission equipment this summer, don’t hold your breath for the service to arrive any time soon. On its earnings call today, Dish chairman Charlie Ergen and vice chairman Carl Vogel made it abundantly clear they are in no […] Read more »

LG (SEO: 066570) has launched a DVB-T compatible handset in Germany reports Telecoms Korea…so what was DVB-H for again? I don’t know how w… Read more »

It’s not really that fair to judge niche sites if you’re not in the niche. So when we heard about new kid-oriented video-sharing site Totlol, we asked our resident mom, Stacey Higginbotham, for her take. Stacey’s daughter *loves* web video — apparently she’s already figured out […] Read more »

Before the networks starting hosting their “upfronts,” held its own tongue-in-cheek “downfronts” to showcase its new slate of web series originals. The site is in the midst of moving away from becoming just a brochure for its oldteevee sibling to rolling out original comedies, how-tos […] Read more »

The serendipity enablers at StumbleUpon said today they’ve added support for CollegeHumor, Funny or Die, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Veoh and videos for their video discovery service, StumbleVideo. StumbleVideo is a cool tool that pulls out good videos to watch in a nice simple web interface, using […] Read more »

Paris Hilton never met a camera lens she didn’t like. But this time the lens isn’t for a reality television show, the paparazzi, or even a jail mugshot — it’s that of New York-based startup For Your Imagination, which is debuting a new, branded web series […] Read more »

YouTube announced a new advertising product today called “buzz targeting” that makes a ton of sense. Since advertisers (like just about everyone else) have no clue what’s going to be hot on the site, YouTube will monitor videos that are seeing an acceleration of viewing, favoriting […] Read more »

Studios, SAG Still Clashing Over Clips; studios want to pay a flat fee to use clips of old TV shows and films online rather than bargain with each performer. (Reuters) ABC Unveils New Ad Measurement Tool; to combat lower ratings and ad dollars shifting to the […] Read more »

As reported yesterday, HBO shows are now available through iTunes — and Apple is indeed charging more for the privilege. Popular series like The Sopranos and Deadwood go for $2.99, while The Wire Season One and Flight of the Conchords are $1.99 an episode. Now that […] Read more »

A Korean software company called NomadConnection has released Chameleo, a pretty-looking open-source video player with a focus on extensibility and widgets. The software, based on GStreamer and other open-source projects, supports a wide variety of codecs. Chameleo doesn’t come pre-packaged with any content but will play […] Read more »

Last Wednesday, the team behind CBS Interactive’s MobLogic went out on the streets of New York to cover the Sean Bell protests. During the protest, MobLogic host Lindsay Campbell (formerly of Wallstrip) was arrested…voluntarily. As the show’s executive producer, Adam Elend, puts it in a blog […] Read more »

Online video continued its ascent in March, with comScore reporting U.S. Internet users watched 11.5 billion online videos during the month. This was a 13 percent bump up from February, and surpasses the previous record-setting total of 10.15 billion video views in December. Nearly 139 million […] Read more »

The devastating earthquake in China today is just the latest crisis to showcase YouTube’s role as a primary source of firsthand accounts of breaking news. Last year, the video-sharing site gave us glimpses of the wildfires burning in southern California and of pro-democracy demonstrations in Myanmar. […] Read more »

Making a film is a collaborative process, but the team behind the upcoming movie Iron Sky is taking that notion to a whole new level by opening up the production process to, well, the world. Based in Finland, Director Timo Vuorensola and his team made a […] Read more »

KateModern, the interactive drama from EQAL that’s been huge on Bebo, is concluding on June 28, according to the Guardian. The move comes as a total surprise, given the show had won a dedicated audience, along with more than 50 million total video views, and was […] Read more »

Veodia Raises $8.3 Million; enterprise white-label video provider (previous coverage) gets Series A from Clearstone Venture Partners, the D. E. Shaw group and an angel group led by iParadigms chairman Steven Berger. (emailed release) Financial Web Video Shows Booming; delivered 14.6 million streams in March; […] Read more »

Apple will reportedly announce a deal to sell HBO shows next week, according to Portfolio. If true, the move would be a big win for the iTunes store and Apple TV and would finally make HBO content available online in a meaningful way. Reportedly, the HBO […] Read more »

In a television upfront season that’s planned to be less flamboyant and expected to be less lucrative than in years past, digital will play a bigger role than ever. That’s simply because more people are watching TV online legitimately than ever before. But, as per usual, […] Read more »

What do you get when you stretch an 8-minute video out into an hour-long nature documentary? Mostly, repeated edited clips of those precious 8-minutes diluted by ho-hum back story and speculative experts voicing their opinions. My father, who hadn’t seen the original “Battle at Kruger” YouTube […] Read more »

Moms, love ‘em or leave ‘em, are overall a class of human beings worth celebrating at least once a year (maybe twice, if your family is generous about birthdays). But how to do it? It depends on what kind of resources you have at your disposal. […] Read more »

Speed Racer is the big movie this weekend (though it will supposedly be stomped by an Iron foot). And if you’re a Speed freak there’s a spoof over on AtomFilms (where I used to work) that is a dead-on parody called Race Speedster. It runs a […] Read more »

Shares of Blinkx rose as much as 53 percent today on the London Stock Exchange following speculation it might be bought by Google or News Corp. Blinkx, however, released a statement saying it was “not aware of any external bids or bid-related reason for the [share] […] Read more »

Circuit City Opens Up to Blockbuster; rental chain and Carl Ichann allowed to conduct due diligence on the company, Ichann may fund buyout. (paidContent) (previous coverage) TV Nets Upfront Ad Sales Forecast to Be Down this Year; poor economy, writers’ strike and lower ratings are forecast […] Read more »

It’s Friday. The weekend everyone’s been working for is here. The last thing you want to read about is proposed Net Neutrality legislation making its way through Congress. But there were two developments on that front this week that you should at least be aware of, […] Read more »

We sometimes worry if we write about Move Networks too much. But it’s an interesting startup with real technology making an increasingly significant impact on how people are entertained. And hey, when the CEO stops by your office and spews out a bunch of numbers with […] Read more »

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