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Hellman’s and Bobby Flay Cook Up Another Season; online show Real Food Summer School has the famous chef teaching people how to cook recipes featuring mayonnaise. (The Wall Street Journal) Page Sees Green in White Spaces; Google co-founder in Washington to pimp his company’s proposal to […] Read more »

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VentureBeat is reporting that Akimbo is shutting its doors for good. We have contacted the company for confirmation and will update as soon as we have any further information. Update: We received confirmation that Akimbo has indeed shut down. We’re following up to get more details […] Read more »

You really get the sense from CBS and Viacom that Joost is their forgotten stepchild. Despite their participation in Joost’s $45 million funding round (which in amount alone guarantees the company should have some time to figure out what it’s doing), the companies’ executives have to […] Read more »

Andy Baio over at has an interesting breakdown of the spread of the Star Wars Kid meme from a few years back and his role in it. He lays out not just the early origins of the meme, but also traffic numbers, patterns and referrals […] Read more »

Popular peer-to-peer network BitTorrent is continuing efforts to grow its reach by signing a partnership agreement with Orb Networks. The agreement bundles BitTorrent’s P2P software with that of Orb’s, which allows users to stream their music, movies or other media to their PCs, phones and other […] Read more »

What’s It About: The original Facebook Gangsta raps about the trials and tribulations of being so damn good at social networking sites. Quality lyric writing, flawless cinematography and editing, and committed performances from Sean Modica and Arthur Colombino keep the beat pumping. Premiered: May 19, 2008. […] Read more »

It’s still unclear is if the digital home will be a consumer-controlled environment or a carrier-controlled one. Samsung said today it is realigning to put its digital media assets in its telecommunications division, but meanwhile Forrester sees Apple moving to unify the broadband networks with the […] Read more »

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We’ve found it hard to find anything in common between the white-label video provider ROO Group and what it has become in the five months since new Chairman and CEO Kaleil Isaza Tuzman joined the company. It’s now called KIT digital, operates out of Dubai, has […] Read more »

CBS and NCAA Partner for Ad Network; CBS College Sports Media to offer video and display ads on, and the roughly 215 colleges sites in the CBS College Sports Network. (MediaWeek) Goldman Downgrades Akamai Stock; analyst cuts rating to Sell from Neutral over concerns […] Read more »

The last time threw an Internet Party, more than 1.5 million people showed up to watch. The comedy site is hoping to strike gold again with the aptly-titled Internet Party 2: An Intervention for MySpace. (The video embed code had autoplay, so it’s embedded after […] Read more »

Looks like iTunes users have a hankering for HBO shows…as long as they’re under $2 a pop, that is. After debuting last week, HBO programs fill eight of the top 15 slots on iTunes’ Top TV Seasons sales chart. While The Wire‘s season one is the […] Read more »

If you’re sick of staring at error messages when checking out a MySpace video slide show via a mobile, then Moblyng may be for you. The company translates Flash content into stills and video that can be viewed on a mobile phone. Right now it’s focused […] Read more »

PBS is partnering with social news service Reddit to pilot a television series called YourWeek that combines user-submitted video segments and in-studio commentary. Reddit went public with its plans today in order to solicit user participation for the series pilot, which is supposed to be posted […] Read more »

MySpace Brings Banzai Back Online; webisodes of the faux Japanese game show will have a 30-day exclusive window on the social network. (TVWeek) Howcast Expands Distribution Platform; how-to video site signs pacts with AOL, Metacafe, Bebo and (release) Let LisaNova’s Boobs Boost Your Playcount; comedian […] Read more »

Did you know that both Tom Hanks and Crispin Glover made appearances on the sitcom Family Ties? Enjoy those before-they-were-stars moments courtesy of CBS, which added Ties and a slew of classic TV shows to its online lineup. The network is new streaming episodes of The […] Read more »

Michael Eisner spoke at the Microsoft advance08 conference Tuesday, delivering what the Seattle PI called his “Internet Content Manifesto.” The former head of Disney (and the guy who begat Prom Queen) talked about YouTube’s place in the digital landscape, the length of web programming and how […] Read more »

Robert Scoble, the tech commentator who took his interview show from PodTech to Fast Company earlier this year, is working on a new show with online video studio Revision3, he disclosed today at a conference and later confirmed on Twitter. The show is to be called […] Read more »

Bebo, which recently lost its successful web drama KateModern, tomorrow launches a replacement of sorts: The Gap Year. The twist is, it’s a reality show, produced by Endemol. Over the last six months Bebo and Endemol have whittled down the entrants to six young people who […] Read more »

Well, it’s about time the s**t hit the fan. RedLasso, which has continually insisted that it would soon sign licensing deals for the TV content it rips and makes available to bloggers, has received a cease and desist letter from NBC, CBS, and FOX asking it […] Read more »

Sandvine, the company behind the devices used by Comcast and others to block BitTorrent, has just introduced a network management tool called FairShare that aims to address Net Neutrality concerns. FairShare is supposed to allow ISPs to manage their networks with a protocol- and application-agnostic approach, […] Read more »

Nielsen measured more than 7.6 billion video streams in the U.S. in April, up 9 percent from the 6.9 billion it measured in March. The firm’s VideoCensus also found unique viewers rose 4 percent to 119.6 million, with 63.6 streams per viewer and 142.8 minutes per […] Read more »

YouTomb is a new service that monitors and tracks videos being taken down off YouTube because of copyright violations. The cleverly named site that was created by the MIT student organization MIT Free Culture scans YouTube to see both who issued a copyright violation complaint, and […] Read more »

Hulu just broke into the top 10 of all online video sites, according to Nielsen’s April measure. The site, which has only been public for two months, is now seeing more than 63 million streams and 2.4 million users per month, with each user viewing more […] Read more »

Online TV Ads More Important at Upfronts; with more people watching TV online, digital ad buys are no longer an afterthought. (The Wall Street Journal) CNBC to Be Primary Content Source for AOL; business news network to provide multi-media content across the portal’s Money & Finance […] Read more »

The web may be packed with free content, but don’t look for cable programmers such as Time Warner, Disney or MTVN to follow suit any time soon. During a panel discussion at this year’s Cable Show, the networks rejected the notion that they will have to […] Read more »

Do your Skype calls need a little kung fu? Then you’re in luck, as indie movie site Jaman is entering into a new deal that will let Skype users insert film clips into their conversations to share with friends. It’s no big surprise that Jaman landed […] Read more »

Online video content startup Tinselvision has inked a deal with UTV, by virtue of which it gets access to UTVs theatrical titles like Life I… Read more »

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