Science & Energy

New attempt tomorrow

SpaceX aborted the launch of its Falcon 9 rocket today due to problems with an Air Force radar tracker. The mission is designed to carry NASA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory, a space weather satellite, to space. It is also SpaceX’s second attempt to land its rocket back on Earth, which would be a major step in creating reusable rockets to bring down the cost of spaceflight.

Smarter HVACs are on the way

Air conditioning giant Carrier Corp. has made an undisclosed minority equity investment in Ecobee, the smart thermostat maker. The investment comes after the two had collaborated to create a new Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat for Carrier dubbed Cor. The Cor is aimed at consumer homes, where Ecobee has been selling connected thermostats since 2007. Nest currently dominates the market for smart thermostats, but I personally have been a fan of Ecobee’s products because that are more open and have been pushing the envelope on innovation. It’s latest thermostat includes sensors that give the thermostat presence and room-by-room temperature information.

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