The newly-launched Jolla smartphone, made by a crew of mostly ex-Nokia employees, is now available for purchase by people in the EU, Norway and Switzerland through the firm’s new online shop. This will be the third batch of €399 ($546) Jolla handsets to go on sale, with the last one having been largely aimed at patriotic Finns. Jolla said on Thursday that already-ordered phones would be delivered in time for Christmas – there’s been a hold-up due to “some technical logistics issues” — while newly-ordered devices will ship from January.

Xbox Video, Microsoft’s video rental and download service, has finally found a home on Windows Phone 8. Anything you’ve already purchased through the service can now be streamed or downloaded to your WP8 device, provided you have the app installed. You can also buy or rent content directly from the app itself. This feature was originally built into Windows Phone 7, but Microsoft pulled it for WP8, so it’s nice to see it back in the form of a standalone app.

Ingress, created by Google’s Niantic Labs, is hard to describe: the real-time, location-based mobile Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game also draws in features from the Alternate Reality Game (ARG) genre to keep users enthralled in a kind of global war, and its beta game culminated in a worldwide party that took place in both San Francisco and Buenos Aires. Now, with that chapter finished, Ingress has exited beta and is now available for free on Google Play. The app already has more than 1 million downloads and boasts players across the globe — just be prepared to lose some serious battery life.

U.K.-based network operator EE announced one of many expected roaming partnerships on Monday with the first being with AT&T. The carrier bills itself as the biggest and fastest in the U.K and says AT&T customers from the U.S. can expect average speeds of 24 to 30 Mbps in major cities. This freedom isn’t expected to come free, or even cheap though, says ZDNet. Last week AT&T announced a similar deal with Canada’s Rogers Communications with international data plans for roaming starting at $30 for a measly 120 MB per month.

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