With tablet support

sunrise-calendar-android-tabletsMicrosoft may (or may not) be planning to purchase Sunrise, but that doesn’t mean the calendaring app can’t receive updates in the meantime. On Thursday, Sunrise updated the Android version of the app, adding tablet support, more built-in “interesting calendars” for events like sports schedules or international holidays, and support for pulling in event data from Google Tasks and Eventbrite. Grab it now — if Microsoft does end up buying the company, this could be the last major update for the beloved calendar app under the name “Sunrise.”

Android and Windows-compatible

Swiss plastic watchmaker Swatch is preparing to launch a smartwatch in the next few months, promising mobile payments functionality and compatibility with both Android and Windows. Most interestingly, it told Bloomberg and others the watch won’t require charging. There are no details of how this will be achieved, so I can only theorize that its power requirements will be low enough to feed off kinetic energy from the user’s movements — Swatch has a technology for this called Autoquartz. The device will probably launch around the same time as the new Apple Watch, but given Swatch’s pricing it’s likely to be a darn sight cheaper.

Better late than never

Google’s flagship Nexus 6 smartphone has been available directly through the Google Play Store for months and also at most of the large U.S. carriers save one: Verizon. That’s changing, however, as Verizon now has a sign-up page for those interested in the smartphone and lists the Nexus 6 as “coming soon.” Droid Life spotted the updated web page on Verizon’s site, and points out that you could technically have already bought an unlocked Nexus 6 and got it working on Verizon’s voice and data networks but a direct offer from Verizon allows for customers to take advantage of upgrade options.

back in stock

In December, it looked like Google had phased out last year’s Nexus phone in favor of the bigger, newer, and more expensive Nexus 6. The Nexus 5 was then listed as out of stock on Google Play and a Google spokesperson even said that production of the phone had stopped. But on Monday, the Google Play device store started showing 16GB and 32GB black Nexus 5 phones back in stock. The Nexus 5 might no longer be the latest and greatest, but it’s still a great showcase for Android 5.0 Lollipop. If you want one, grab one now — Google’s only promised to sell the $349 device through the first quarter of 2015.

Software updates on the way

Good news for Samsung Galaxy S5 owners on the Verizon network in the U.S.: Android 5.0 is ready for your device and Verizon has made it available. A notification should appear on your handset to indicate Lollipop is coming your way, but if you can’t wait, you can always manually check in Settings, About Device. Verizon’s version of the Galaxy S5 is the first in the U.S. to see the official software update. The update includes Google’s Material Design changes, a new way to manage interruptions and more interactive notifications on your Android lock screen.

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