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We first covered the new music phone from Verizon, the Juke, a few weeks back when we got a first look at several new phones coming from Verizon.  One of them has just been released and we unexpectedly got our hands on the new Juke for […] Read more »

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The Homeland Security program we mentioned earlier today has been confirmed by Tabletkiosk to indeed be using their Slate PCs for the Critical Infrastructure Inspection Management System that was developed by the MD state police along with John Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory and the department […] Read more »

The Palm Centro didn’t offer any major new features when it arrived, but it certainly brings new value to the smartphone market. That’s the idea I get when I read the Mobile Gadgeteer’s detailed review. The full review is a must-read for anyone wondering how the […] Read more »

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In the Windows Mobile world I’ve always relied on either eWallet or FlexWallet to securely secure my personal data. You know, things like: passwords, credit card numbers, bank accounts and such. While each of the apps I mentioned works very well and are worth the purchase, […] Read more »

Those crazy kids, what will they think of next? While I’m going “old school” to man the door tonight, some folks go all out. Take these two, for example. They’ve actually made themselves into life-sized iPhones, complete with large screens that show various shots of the […] Read more »

SMS media deliverer 4INFO has been around for a few years and runs ad-supported SMS systems that are free to end-users.  A deal has just been announced that GE/NBC Universal have not only selected 4INFO for their exclusive mobile delivery partner but have invested in the […] Read more »

Just a quick note on a post we ran early this morning regarding Absolute’s Computrace LoJack and Laplink’s PCsync & PCmover software. The information for that post was provided to me via e-mail in the form of a press release. It looked interesting from a mobile […] Read more »

So I’ve had the Vye S37 review unit from Dynamism about a week now. Steve has his full review of the 1 GB unit up (he too, tested with 1 GB and 2 GB) that’s a great read and it reminded me to follow up on […] Read more »

There are three things certain in life, death, taxes and there will always be coffee in Starbucks. At least until today. I stopped earlier in my local SBUX and ordered my usual caffeinated beverage and the barista started frothing the milk. She stopped mid-steam and said […] Read more »

Touch screen devices are nothing new but since the debut of the iPhone, actually even before it launched, OEMs have been adding advanced touch capabilities to their devices.  One of the first touch phones to appear was the HTC Touch, a Windows Mobile smartphone that added […] Read more »

One reason that big corporations give for being slow to adopt mobile devices for employees is the ease of losing the device.  I always thought they were just using that as a cop-out for adopting new technology but this statement on InformationWeek just blew me away: […] Read more »

We are always covering how people use their wireless technology on jkOnTheRun and we have an opportunity for you to help a student working on his Masters degree in Communications Technology.  John Spinks of Strayer University is doing research for his final project that looks at […] Read more »

The surprise contest that evolved out of the funny video of Kevin unboxing a Leopard was a fun one and we got a lot of good entries.  The correct answer to the question that asked "what is the prize?" is of course a full boxed version […] Read more »

Don’t forget this is the first year we’ve had in quite a while (ever?) where the Daylight Savings Time start and end dates were changed. DST started earlier and ends this weekend, which is later than usual; I’m sure that Ben Franklin and William Willett are […] Read more »

Hi, you don’t know me personally, but I’m in your index a bunch. I’ve been a good mobile tech boy this year and recommend your services to everyone I know. I like all of the little features you add along the way. I’m even thinking of […] Read more »

This morning the unthinkable has happened: All other sites work but Google can’t be accessed. The Internet may collapse! UPDATE: it’s back! This was very strange as I was unable to access google for 30 minutes! It made me realize how dependent I have become on […] Read more »

Verizon is touting some great corporate numbers today: total revenue and net income is way up, and it looks like the investment in fiber is starting to pay off. I’m still waiting for their FiOS Internet service to show up in the sticks where I live. […] Read more »

I lost track of how many times the Palm Treo 700p maintenance release was on again and off again. (Again and again). Palm is showing some sympathy but you’ll have to like flexing your brain muscles and be a Verizon customer to get jazzed about this. […] Read more »

Steve just finished a detailed review of the HTC Shift that’s well worth the read since we’ve seen few hands-on reviews just yet. I agree with Steve that the 800 x 480 screen is a bit of disappointment; not a step up at all when you […] Read more »

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