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No question that Houston is one of the most temperate cities in the US and it’s rare to see a change of seasons like in other areas.  I had to capture this photo as it proves that Fall has arrived in the Space City: That’s it, […] Read more »

I spoke briefly this evening with Sue Orchant, Marc’s wife, and at length with Ed Bott who just left the hospital after a visit with Marc and Sue.  Marc’s physical body seems to be healing with good vitals and today he has been moving his head […] Read more »

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Last night I had the pleasure of what may be the first Eee to Eee Skype video chat with none other than ThoughtFix! We were both in our home office settings and therefore on a dedicated broadband connection. Using the new Skype for Linux 2.0 beta […] Read more »

People the world over are anxiously awaiting every update on Marc Orchant’s condition and this is the latest posted by Michael Sampson in a comment here. Thursday December 6, 3.45pm PacificI called the hospital for an update, and spoke with Ed, Marc’s brotherfrom the East Coast. […] Read more »

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Jenn at Pocketables has been anxiously awaiting the delivery of the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet that she ordered from Amazon.  Like a true geek she has been looking forward to receiving her N810 prior to the holidays but she is reporting that it looks like that […] Read more »

Phones that use BREW technology have been left out in the cold when it comes to the great Opera Mini browser.  This includes virtually all of Verizon’s phones and the phones of other carriers that do BREW.  That may change soon with Opera announcing a version […] Read more »

I’m not a big Instant Messenger user, but folks that use Yahoo! Messenger might be happy to see the latest preview release specifically for Vista. It’s built on the Windows Presentation Foundation and integrates quite nicely with the Vista Sidebar: you can drag a contact to […] Read more »

Great read this morning on how Tim Ferriss takes notes, and boy does he take ‘em: he has an “an eight-foot stretch of shelves in my house containing nothing but full notebooks.” That’s a bunch of notes! Our little community here takes notes too, mainly in […] Read more »

The International Consumer Electronic Show is becoming one of the biggest trade shows around and each January hundreds of thousands of attendees flock into Las Vegas for the sole purpose of being overwhelmed.  The show is so big you can easily spend days there and still […] Read more »

Engadget Mobile has a nice screenshot of the new Google Mobile interface that appears specifically designed for the Apple iPhone. While I don’t agree that web sites should be customized for a particular device, other mobiles are sure to benefit by this move. I’m also not […] Read more »

As you have no doubt heard by now good friend Marc Orchant had a heart attack last Sunday morning.  A lot of people are contacting me asking for updates on Marc’s status so I wanted to share what I know about his condition.  Marc has not […] Read more »

Looks like the cat’s out of the bag and the next update to Windows Mobile is available for peeping. Not officially, of course, but that doesn’t make the plethora of pictures any less satisfying over at BGR, does it? Aside from the many screenshots (which look […] Read more »

The WiBrain sort of defies description with more controls and buttons on the front than you can shake a stylus at.  It’s priced well though so you have to take a close look at this innovative UMPC.  The Boy Genius Report has gotten one and has […] Read more »

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