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James caught wind of this news earlier today, but we had no time to share it with you. The NewsGator family of RSS products might gain a larger audience thanks to the applications changing from a paid-license model to a free one. It doesn’t matter what […] Read more »

Yes, I was caught lusting after the newest Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium. That may sound odd since I never left the original Q1 series when the Q1U was introduced. There’s a reason for that though… I’ve always preferred performance and to be honest, my experiences were […] Read more »

We’ve now had two complete days of show attendance at the CES and here’s some further impressions of what we’ve seen and heard so far.  First of all, everyone we talk to is finding that there has been nothing major announced nor displayed at the show.  […] Read more »

I promised myself I was going to hit the sack early, but as James is learning this week, I can’t stop reading feeds. Good for you that I have such a bad mobile habit because I picked up on this video that demonstrates the input methods […] Read more »

Cheeseburgers and Tablet PCs in paradise! Wow, what a turnout. I’d have to guess that over 100 folks are here. I see friends from GottaBeMobile, VIA, HP, Motion, Student Tablet PC, Fujitsu and more! Plus good folks like ThoughtFix and readers of the site. There’s food […] Read more »

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