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I can’t see how this could ever be popular. In the spotify case, users get something more than ad-free experience, they get access to more quality (kbps), features (offline), and more content directly (song level access). Here, if websites offers some premium content only to subscribers…

Rovi paid just $12 million for Fan TV, the TV discovery startup previously known as Fanhattan, according to a FCC filing (hat tip to Multichannel News). Fan TV introduced its own set-top box for TV Everywhere services in early 2013, but had troubles to strike partnerships with pay TV operators to actually bring it to market. Earlier this month, Rovi announced that it was acquiring Fan TV for an undisclosed amount, with plans to keep the company up and running, but possibly white-label some of its products down the line. Fan TV raised around $40 million over the years.

Netflix is going to launch in Australia and New Zealand in March of 2015, the company announced Tuesday. The launch will bring the number of countries Netflix is available in to over 50, and the announcement is not unexpected: Netflix CFO David Wells said earlier this month that the company plans a “sizeable expansion” for 2015, and Netflix has reportedly been preparing to enter Australia by hiring local agencies for a launch campaign.

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Great Stuff Janko.’s redesign already shows up in BETA, and the move toward responsive design gives the desktop feel a much cleaner, less cluttered look (much like Gigaom’s new post page design), and the use of cards on sidebars is a savvy move as well.

Disney Movies Anywhere, the cloud locker service that recently expanded from iOS to Android, is coming to another major retailer: Disney CTO Jamie Voris announced at a company event in Los Angeles Friday that the service will launch with Walmart’s Vudu streaming service next Tuesday. This means that Vudu users who have linked their account with Disney Movies Anywhere will be able to access Disney titles they have previously bought via iTunes or Google Play through Vudu apps, and vice versa. Interestingly, Vudu is also the first retailer that has partnered with both Disney’s cloud locker and the Ultraviolet locker run by most other major studios.

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Pietsch’s quote–“Importantly, the PERCENT of revenue on which Hachette authors’ ebook royalties are based will not DECREASE under this agreement.”–would suggest that while the author might still get their 25% of 70% of the publisher-set retail price, the deal between AMZN and Hachette might give Hachette,…

When Google announced its new music subscription service, YouTube Music Key, it mentioned that subscribers would also get access to Google Play Music’s streaming service. Well, it looks like as if it’ll work the other way, too: Google has started sending notes to Google Play Music All Access subscribers that they’ll get access to YouTube Music Key, and during the beta period to boot. It’s unclear whether Google Play Music subscribers will get a crack at the introductory $7.99 price or if they’ll still pay the $9.99 that Google Play Music charges per month. If you’re not in that boat and want an invite to YouTube Music Key, you can sign up here.

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