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I can’t see how this could ever be popular. In the spotify case, users get something more than ad-free experience, they get access to more quality (kbps), features (offline), and more content directly (song level access). Here, if websites offers some premium content only to subscribers…

Rovi paid just $12 million for Fan TV, the TV discovery startup previously known as Fanhattan, according to a FCC filing (hat tip to Multichannel News). Fan TV introduced its own set-top box for TV Everywhere services in early 2013, but had troubles to strike partnerships with pay TV operators to actually bring it to market. Earlier this month, Rovi announced that it was acquiring Fan TV for an undisclosed amount, with plans to keep the company up and running, but possibly white-label some of its products down the line. Fan TV raised around $40 million over the years.

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