YouTube is exploring the idea to add a paid service plan to its site that will give users access to videos without ads, according to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. “There’s going to be a point where people don’t want to see the ads,” Wojcicki said at Recode’s Code/Mobile conference late Monday. YouTube introduced paid channel subscriptions with partners like the Sesame Workshop earlier this year, but this new paid tier would be site-wide. “We’re thinking about how to give users options,” she said — and grow YouTube’s revenue in the process, one might add.

Streaming device maker Roku has raised an additional $25 million round of funding, according to a disclosure filed with the SEC on Wednesday. A Roku spokesperson confirmed the funding and said that it would provide “additional growth capital,” but declined to comment on who participated in the round, which brings the total amount raised by Roku to $155 million. The funding comes at an interesting time for the company; Roku is getting increased competition from the likes of Google and Amazon in the streaming device space, but it could get a boost from both Hisense and TCL shipping TVs powered by Roku’s platform.

Wondering why Alibaba recently invested $50 million into Peel, the company that makes TV remote control apps for phones and tablets? Here’s a clue: Peel signed up its 100 millionth user Sunday night, according to a tweet from Peel CEO and co-founder Thiru Arunachalam. Of course, some of those users may not even realize they’re using Peel: The company also powers Samsung’s WatchOn remote app.

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