Wondering why Alibaba recently invested $50 million into Peel, the company that makes TV remote control apps for phones and tablets? Here’s a clue: Peel signed up its 100 millionth user Sunday night, according to a tweet from Peel CEO and co-founder Thiru Arunachalam. Of course, some of those users may not even realize they’re using Peel: The company also powers Samsung’s WatchOn remote app.

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Netflix continues to be everyone’s favorite babysitter: 75 of the kids shows currently on Netflix have attracted more than two million viewers in the U.S. alone this year, and more than a dozen kids titles even have an audience of more than five million viewers. The company revealed this nugget in its letter to investors Wednesday — a day that otherwise wasn’t the greatest for the streaming service: Investors punished Netflix in after-hours trading for slower-than-expected growth, sending stock down 26 percent. But at least the kids still love Netflix…

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When my Mom passed away, we cleaned dozens of boxes of Bon Appetit out of her Bonus Room that represented almost 20 years of the magazine. Each had been thoroughly read when received and then stored to basically never be touched again. It wasn’t that content…

Popular Android media casting app Allcast is getting ready to take the leap to iPads and iPhones: Allcast developer Koushik “Koush” Dutta asked users to sign up for a closed beta test of Allcast for iOS on Google+ Friday. Dutta had first announced that he was bringing Allcast to iOS in late August, and at the time shared some first screenshots of the app. Allcast was the first Android app to bring personal media sharing to Chromecast back in 2013 even before Google had officially released the Chromecast SDK.

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