The days of the cold call might be gone for salespeople. Actually, the days of the not-too-promising call might soon be gone, too. On Tuesday, a company called InsideSales introduced a new capability that infuses neural network technology (the basis of deep learning) into its products to help identify the best leads and even the best ways to approach them. However, scoring sales leads is becoming the new black. We recently covered a company called Infer that delivers a similar service, and companies such as Intel are even doing some of this internally.

It was a good day for anyone invested in the greater NoSQL market, as Riak creator Basho and Couchcase both announced big customers wins. Basho highlighted The Weather Company, which is running and replicating Riak across multiple global data centers, while travel-industry technology provider Amadeus is working with Couchbase to deploy that database across its customer-facing applications. It’s good news for the NoSQL space because any large companies choosing databases other than MongoDB is validation that they matter and a sign they’ll be around for a while.

Amazon Web Services is now offering up free access to three NASA datasets from the NASA Earth Exchange project about the world’s weather, geology and vegetation. The cloud is a natural place to house large datasets that many people or institutions might want to analyze without requiring everyone to download, store and analyze the data locally. Scientific data has proven particularly appealing early, with numerous cloud providers already hosting various datasets, often in the fields of genomics and biology.


This survey from State Street and the Economist Intelligence Unit is a pretty good look at the opportunities and challenges of using data in the financial services industry. Many respondents noted the challenge of integrating lots of data sources, which is understandable and probably only going to get harder. It seems there’s a lot of promise in new services/data sources such as Dataminr and Premise Data, but they also represent a pretty big divergence from tradition.

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