Chinese hackers targeted five European foreign ministries in the run-up to the Russia-hosted G20 summit in September, according to security firm FireEye. There is no evidence that it was state-sponsored snooping, though FireEye reckons they were after intelligence related to the then-possible invasion of Syria. This year’s G20 was quite the summit from a security standpoint – Russia subsequently had to deny issuing spyware-laden USB sticks and phone-charging cables to foreign leaders and other delegates.

Are you a terrorist using virtual worlds and gaming networks to hide your communications? There’s no evidence you exist, but if you do, then be warned: according to fresh revelations in the Guardian, New York Times and ProPublica, the National Security Agency and Britain’s GCHQ have for years infiltrated World of Warcraft and the Xbox Live network. Hilariously, so many agents were knocking around Second Life at one point that the NSA identified a need to “deconflict” them, ensuring they weren’t wasting time by spying on one another or duplicating efforts.

The ultimate archive feature has arrived: Google officially announced via blog post that users can now export all of the data from both Gmail and Gcal. The new feature, which is available now for Gcal, will roll-out across all users this month for Gmail and is accessible via the “Download Your Data” tab in the Google settings menu. Now you can keep hoarding your massive email collection without worrying about backing up against Google’s (admittedly massive) data ceiling.

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