Apple has released an update for recent versions of its OS X operating system in order to patch the so-called Shellshock bug. The flaw in the bash shell, which Unix-based systems like OS X and Linux use, is severe and could allow attackers to steal information or take over victims’ systems, though Apple already said its users would only be vulnerable if they “configure advanced Unix services.” According to Ars Technica, the upcoming OS X Yosemite version will include the patch by default. The patch issued late Monday is intended for the following versions: Lion v10.7.5, Lion Server v10.7.5, Mountain Lion v10.8.5, and Mavericks v10.9.5.

Back in June, the European Commission started sniffing around Apple’s tax arrangements in Ireland, to see whether the Irish government’s acceptance of the firm’s elaborate tax avoidance tricks amounted to unlawful state aid. According to a Sunday Financial Times report, the Commission now has its preliminary findings and will this week formally accuse Apple of benefiting from illicit state aid over the course of two decades. The iPhone maker reportedly pays less than two percent tax in Ireland, where its international operations are headquartered. If Apple is shown to have received special treatment that’s denied to other companies, the firm could be liable for billions of euros in fines. Apple denies the allegations.

Once you upgrade to the latest Microsoft-owned Skype client for iOS 8, you’ll be able to answer incoming voice or video calls much faster. The newest Skype version takes advantage of extensions in Apple’s mobile software, allowing Skype notifications to appear right on the lock screen of an iPhone. These are actionable notifications — both on the lock screen and though the regular drop-down notification method — so one tap picks up the call. The updated Skype client is available for free in the iTunes App Store.

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