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Kevin, this is actually a solution Apple suggested to me after my IPhone 6 Plus had the following problems after I restored from the backup of my IPhone 4: battery life was awful, screen froze intermittently, Bluetooth issues (repeatedly connected and disconnected), sudden closing of apps.

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Now that Apple has an iPhone with full 1080p resolution, Netflix is bringing higher resolution shows to the handset. The online video company says movies, television shows and its own original content is now supported in 1080p on the iPhone 6 Plus, which has a full HD display. Android devices gained the 1080p support with the debut of a refreshed Nexus 7 in the middle of 2013, but until now Apple didn’t have a handset that could natively show the full resolution of 1080p video. The latest version of Netflix for iOS is optimized for the iPhone 6 screen and also brings Chromecast improvements.

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There’s finally a way out of the iMessage abyss. If you’ve ever switched from an iPhone to another type of smartphone, there’s a good chance you had difficulty removing your phone number from iMessage, which meant that text messages sent to your number could disappear forever. There was even a class action lawsuit about it. On Sunday, Apple quietly introduced a new page to its website that lets you deregister a phone number from iMessage, even if you no longer have your original iPhone. It’s easy — all you have to do is plug in a code that Apple texts to you. You can find the form on Apple’s website here.

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