Google+ in iOS sharingGoogle is finally taking advantage of a key iOS 8 feature that, ironically, works similarly in Android. After updating Google+ for iOS to version 4.8.0, you’ll have the option to add Google+ in the sharing menu; Android supports the same type of third-party app sharing by default. That means no more copying and pasting links in iOS to share interesting stories and such on Google+. The updated app also adds higher resolution, or Retina HD, support on Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus handsets, and the ability to vote in polls within the app.


Rubbish ruble

If you head to Apple’s Russian-language online store right now, you’ll find that it’s not up — and Apple’s providing the usual “We’re busy updating the Apple store” message. But Apple’s not adding new products or working behind the scenes. As first reported by Bloomberg, Apple has pulled its online store in Russia because the ruble has been severely devalued today after teetering on the brink of instability for weeks. The online Apple store only launched in Russia last year and the country has no physical Apple Stores. If you’re a hoarder in Russia, look past the traditional gold and greenbacks as stores of value — iPhones could provide a nice return.

Update 3:25 ET: The run on Apple products has started.

Bose next to Beats again

What a nice holiday gift for Bose: The company’s speakers and headphones are going back on Apple Store shelves says 9to5 Mac. Back in October, Bose products were pulled from Apple’s retail locations, about a week after Bose and Apple settled a lawsuit revolving around noise cancellation technology for the Beats product line Apple purchased earlier this year for $3 million. While Apple routinely rotates its third-party product stock, Bose had long been a staple in the stores. Now it sounds like the brand will be again, even as Apple itself sells a similar competing product in Beats.

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