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Just a little note about the new Podcasts feature in iTunes: it’s really cool. For a while now, I’ve been listening to Leo Laporte’s KFI Radio Podcast, so it really interested me when I found that I could plug in his podcast link into iTunes, and […] Read more »

There’s an interesting survey over at MacWorld where they interviewed some people about their thoughts on the PowerPC to Intel switch, the effects on sales, what the new machines will be like, and how well the migration will go. Read more »

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With iTunes 4.9, you can now browse and subscribe to podcasts from within the iTunes Music Store. Podcasts are frequently updated radio-style shows downloadable over the Internet. You can also transfer podcasts to iPod, for listening on the go. iTunes 4.9 weighs in at a 9.9mb […] Read more »

It’s already been all over the usual news outlets, but just in case you had missed it, here’s a quickie to remind you of Google’s Beta Video Upload Program. While it had been out for quite a few months with a Windows uploader program, they more […] Read more »

Macs, as we all know, are the best thing for video editing. But what about TV watching and TiVo-like tasks? Before I used a Mac, my Windows computer had an ATI All-in-Wonder Pro PCI video card with 8MB of VRAM. (Remember when that was something cool?) […] Read more »

The folks at SoundSpectrum wanted us to take a look at their G-Force product for them, so I was the one who got to play with it. I always enjoy a new software app or utility that can do something different, so this interested me. G-Force […] Read more »

We all love our Macs, and most of the time, they love us back. But occasionally, programs start crashing, or the spinning-pinwheel-of-death becomes a common sight. In these situations, there are a few steps you can take to try and remedy the problem. Today, we will […] Read more »

O’Reilly’s MacDevCenter has two articles up which I think should be required reading, especially with the ongoing iTunes buzz. One is on video playing in iTunes and other is audio gadgets. Read more »

Do you remember, when you were a kid, about the rumors of an iTunes phone coming?

How about the mock ups, samples and photos smuggled out of shows and product launches?

Well, there’s even more evidence that Read more »

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This morning, I got involved in a Macs vs. PCs argument on a listserve I belong to on the topic of viruses and security. There had been an email on the listserve that was spam, and some of the email variations were infected with a virus. […] Read more »

Running around in my head for ages has been the issue of network connectivity. You see, while I absolutely love my Powerbook, one of the most frustrating aspects of any laptop is that switch between desktop and laptop modes. When the laptop is on my desk, […] Read more »

I attended a cousin’s wedding last week. He asked me if I wouldn’t mind taking candid photos during the wedding. I being the closet photog, starved for scenery other than the sunsets from my front yard was more than happy to oblige him.

So morning of the wedding, I took my job very seriously. I started snapping away. Trying to get all angles, people, emotions and so on (ok, so that translates into angles that I’m not sure what I was shooting, eyes half open, food being chewed, etc, etc) I ended up with about 400 pictures by mid day. Read more »

First, President Bush was seen sporting an iPod on his bike, now Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II is using one. Reportedly, the 79-year-old sovereign has bought a six-gigabyte silver model for 169 pounds (255 euros, 310 dollars). Queen Elizabeth’s second son Prince Andrew, fourth in […] Read more »

I had this really long post written out talking about why Windows users theme their OS to look like OS X and the underlying meaning of it all when all I really wanted to do was post a link to this absolutely fantastic browser version of […] Read more »

It seemed like not too long ago that Adium was updated. Well, yet again, they have posted another update. You should download it if you haven’t already. Mostly bugfixes and other sorts of minor changes. Doesn’t seem to break anything … yet. Previous notes on Adium […] Read more »

Since Apple’s announcement to switch to x86, there has been an increase in talk about the possibility of Apple licensing OS X to other PC manufacturers. The discussion came to a head today, when Fortune published a story quoting Michael Dell, former Dell Computer CEO (current […] Read more »

For a month or so now, AOL and the Discovery Channel have been doing a little project on AOL’s site called the Greatest American. They’ve compiled a fairly big list to start from, with all sorts of people from the founding fathers to astronauts to – […] Read more »

So I’m generally not the type to promote giving money away to people for no real good reason…and I’m still not. But I, for whatever reason, found this to be somewhat amusing. A former NYC School of Visual Arts graduate (named Vinny) is in need of […] Read more »

x180 / james duncan davidson: Dear Steve is an open letter to Steve Jobs regarding the switch-over to Intel Hardware. James helps put me at ease by detailing some of his first-hand experiences of the ease and speed of porting apps over to the X86 framework. […] Read more »

A video has surfaced that supposedly shows the developer version of the x86 version of Tiger running on a Dell Laptop. It seems very clear to me that this is a hoax. Not only does the video neglect to provide the easiest proof — a clear […] Read more »

Great new site just launched – Basically it’ll run you through the items you’ll need to build your own Intel based Macintosh in preparation for the official – or unnofficial – release of Tiger for X86. Should be a nice way to save a few […] Read more »

In the world of RSS readers for OS X, two pieces of software compete for the title of king. Both Newsfire and NetNewsWire have evangelistic user-bases, and both have their pro’s and con’s. I will be looking at these programs from a usability point of view. […] Read more »

Nokia is looking to leverage WebKit, the open-source project started by Apple based on Konqeror’s KHTML, in their next generation of mobile phones, the Series 60: “Apple is pleased to assist Nokia in creating their new Series 60 browser based on the same KHTML open source […] Read more »

It was my first WWDC ever. Rich was there too! I finally got around to learn a lot about Dashboard Widgets and Webkit. Apple Engineers are a passionate, dedicated and relentlessly-working bunch. If you’re into helping out the open-source community for the Greater Good, you might […] Read more »

MacDailyNews is reporting that the leaked copies of OS X Tiger for x86 will indeed run on standard PC hardware. This is not surprising, considering that this is a very early release, and Apple has no plans to make a profit off of this version. In […] Read more »

It’s a flashback to 1995. Macs were still using Power PC in the far future. I was still using Windows at home of all things. And TopXNotes must have been created around this time. It has all the classic signs of.. well.. clasic-isms. Now to be […] Read more »

This is slightly Off Topic, but a good little read. You’ll see the relevance at the end. It’s a comment from Slashdot, on the post titled, “Nerds Make Better Lovers”. You can read the comment at Slashdot, here, or below, as I’ve copied and pasted it. […] Read more »

Software Update will give you the lowdown, but for those as yet unaware, Security Update 2005-006 is now available for your enjoyment, incorporating fixes relating to: AFP (AppleTalk File Sharing) Server – buffer overflow; ACL-related issues Bluetooth – insufficient input checking – wrongly able to access […] Read more »

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding Apple’s move from PowerPC CPUs to Intel x86 ones, so in the interests of clarification: Mac OS X will run on my Dell No, it won’t. Somehow Apple will make sure that the operating system that makes the Mac special […] Read more »

I for one am an advocate of “getting away” every now and then. I like to take the occasional vacation and “do without” for a few days. No cell phone, no PDA, and yes…no Apple. I frequently find myself in technology-overkill trying to stay up on […] Read more »

Obviously, the Mac web is in an indescribable daze, and doesn’t know how to react to the announcement that Apple is switching platforms. What if I just say, right now, “Sweet! Windows is gonna die!” Is it obvious to you now – and made more clear […] Read more »

In yesterday’s write-up,I included Apple’s decription of Rosetta that contained the following section: Rosetta does not run the following: * Applications built for Mac OS 8 or 9 * Code written specifically for AltiVec * Code that inserts preferences in the System Preferences pane * Applications […] Read more »

I’ve just got to vent a little bit here. The ‘Intel Announcement’ has Mac loyalists, analysts, bloggers, etc, etc, all in a tizzy – and why exactly?? Let’s take a look at what this means on a basic level… I understand there will be growing pains. […] Read more »

Following on from an earlier post, it seems that Japan’s record companies’ phobia of digital music distribution (by foreign companies) has been overcome. Mostly, anyway. The Nikkei Shinbun is reporting that Apple is to launch its iTunes Music Store in Japan in early August, providing tracks […] Read more »

Steve Jobs, known for his suprises, dropped the Mother of All Surprises at the WWDC Keynote this morning: Macs will be running on Intel processors by WWDC 2007. In fact, he had a few running on Intel machines this morning for his demos, with more showing […] Read more »

So Apple are moving to Intel x86 chips. I’m still rather reeling from the news. Being generally of a more cynical bent, I was inclined to go along with John Gruber’s various debunkings of the hype that so often precedes a WWDC. Shurely shome mishtake, I […] Read more »

As most of you probably noticed, the TAB server just about grinded to a halt. We had so many people all on the WWDC Live Coverage page all hitting “Refresh” over and over that it sent our server load through the roof. Shame on us for […] Read more »

i’m painstakingly dialed-up via my bluetooth cellphone over my earthlink dialup account, so i’m looking at bandwidth below 14.4. so be patient :) Rich and I are sitting next to eachother. He’s got spare batteries. He’s cool like that. Ok here we go: 10:02AM – music […] Read more »

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