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I got an iChat message from Paul yesterday, asking about a way to use music visualizations as a desktop ‘wallpaper’. My initial suggestion was to play with Quartz Composer and see about coming up with something there. I’ve come up with a couple more suggestions – […] Read more »

If you’re reading this, you most likely realize that The Apple Blog has a bit of a different look to it. Nothing majority drastic on the UI side of things…mainly just a significant facelift. The biggest new feature, though, is the addition of the community! With […] Read more »

Macrumors is reporting that Target (TGT) has joined the illustrious Wal-Mart in warning major motion picture studios that selling movies on iTunes may just hurt DVD sales. Read more »

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SOHO Organizer is actually SOHO Organizer + SOHO Notes + SOHO Print Essentials. Why would you name the suite the same name as one of the apps in a bundle, especially when the most important app in the bundle isn’t even that one? I also wonder […] Read more »

I never subscribed to .Mac, not even the free version, so when I read all of the recent editorials floating around, I really don’t have much to compare to. From a distance, .Mac looks pretty slick, but despite it’s appeal as an Apple product, ripping on […] Read more »

I had an article idea today of posting some cool setups for smart playlists in iTunes. After about 10 minutes of staring at the different possible rules options it hit me…I can’t think of any cool ideas. I’m aware of the Do-It-Yourself Smart Radio Station and […] Read more »

When I first switched to the Mac world a couple of years ago, I was mesmerized by the incredible number of admirable and good looking applications focusing doing one or two things, but doing them well. As a developer I am used to über powerful applications […] Read more »

The vast majority of us use word-processors to fulfill all of our document-preparation needs. It has become the standard in writing our letters, resumes, novels, reports and theses, and most of us have not seen the need to explore alternatives. Indeed, many of us are not […] Read more »

Face it, convergence is inevitable. Do I know what Apple has up their sleeves? Absolutely not. I do have suspicions and sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m surprised. I do think that the iPod, or possibly an entirely new product line based off my theory, is […] Read more »

There are some kinds of applications that just really strike me as admirable. These are the ones that really find a couple things to focus on and do those things really well. The “Microsoft Words” of the world today are so bloated and so feature-rich that […] Read more »

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Apple has released the eighth revision to Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), which includes general operating system fixes, security updates and specific fixes that relate to: – connecting to wireless networks using the EAP-FAST protocol – Apple USB modem reliability – using OpenType fonts in Microsoft […] Read more »

No, not that iHome. Ain’t No Other Man… The iHome iH5 clock radio is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a full-featured clock radio that lets you hook in your iPod as a source for sound. So instead of accidentally having the radio wake you up […] Read more »

A while back my wife and I won a Mac mini and it just came in this past Monday. Unfortunately for us, we had already purchased a Mac mini right before we won this one, so now we’ve got this brand spankin’ new Intel Mac mini […] Read more »

When iTunes 7 was released, it brought not only a lot of new features and interface changes, but a lot of bugginess. Many users have complained loudly, even taking New York Times columnist David Pogue to task. Apple today released iTunes 7.0.1, which is available via […] Read more »

There I said it. I didn’t send a letter to Apple asking permission to use the word. I’m waiting for my cease and desist letter to arrive from Guido and Knuckles. Can I even push the envelope and put a small letter ‘i’ in front of […] Read more »

Since it was announced, My Dream App has garned much attention. Between travelling and a hectic work schedule I’ve been keeping up to date as much as possible. Now it’s into an elimination round of voting. The voting for this round has actually been extended a […] Read more »

Maybe I’m just late to the party in figuring this stuff out, but in the event it’s news to you, I’m posting it. Since iTunes 7 and the iPod 1.2 update were released, I’ve discovered a couple neat things that my 5G iPod is apparently capable […] Read more »

Following the review I posted about TextExpander, it seems there’s a consensus that the free version and the $30 version were still too close in feature-set to warrant the $30 license. So I pose this question: What improvements would you want to see in TextExpander that […] Read more »

In what is probably my favorite gauge of a great application, TextExpander fades into the background and just works. Smile On My Mac purchased the previously-known Textpander (which we’ve covered here and here) from developer Peter Maurer this past year. If you’re hearing about TextExpander for […] Read more »

Dear Mr. Jobs, I am writing you today to discuss my future as CEO of Apple Computer. I understand that you have done a fabulous job with the company, resurrecting it from oblivion in 1997 to a well oiled machine of today. This is truly a […] Read more »

This is a fantastic idea. Roustem Karimov, who writes ‘Blog From Software Trenches’ had a very cool idea for a post. He’s collecting screen shots of the best designs of OSX Disk Images. The most common that I’m sure most of us have seen, is from […] Read more »

As Apple launches into the realm of movie downloads via its newly dubbed iTunes Store, it can feel quite sure that every success and [especially] every misstep will be scrutinized by the motion picture industry. So much is at stake for the folks out of Hollywood, […] Read more »

Interarchy 8.2 is a remarkably feature-packed update to an already wonderful piece of software. I haven’t used Interarchy since version 8.0.1, and in the interim the folks at Stairways Software have clearly been hard at work. Read more »

If you were paying attention to the media event today the iTunes announcement is already old news. I apologize, but I’m not as quick as I used to be, so I’ve only just downloaded the update. Hi, I’m iTunes 7. I look familiar, but I’m only […] Read more »

I had a chance to sit down with two developers from plasq and talk Mac, interface design, and development. Enjoy this interview with Cris Pearson and Keith Lang. TAB: Thanks for taking the time for this interview. Where are you guys based and what are your […] Read more »

For those of you who have never seen RapidWeaver version 3.5.0 in action, it can best be described as the forgotten middle child. Sure, it’s not as revered as the first-born Dreamweaver, and it’s not talked about nearly as much as the baby iWeb, but RapidWeaver […] Read more »

Once upon a time, there was a UI (User Interface) element almost every application used.  The drawer, (aka NSDrawer) not quite a window, but more than just a view, living in complete codependence to it’s parental window. It always received mixed reviews, and never really evolved.  […] Read more »

Well I’ve recently become a bit of an obsessor over OS X icons and must say my Pixadex collections are running wild. Some months ago I ran across a preview of The Woodery by designer-of-all-things-yum, Danny Jones, but never saw it released. So, I recently shot […] Read more »

Lately, I’ve been giving up my deepest darkest tricks to the readership here at TAB. Many of you are fantastic web designers, and you probably already know about Color Schemer Studio. What’s that? You don’t know about it? You say you’ve been using color swatches to […] Read more »

When .Mac was first announced at the July 2002 Macworld Expo in New York (remember those?) it held the rare distinction of being one of the few Steve Jobs keynote announcements to draw silence instead of applause. Of course, why should anyone applaud when they’ve just […] Read more »

It’s been two months since I proudly carried my new MacBook home. I love this machine. It’s crazy fast, it’s light-weight, the keyboard rocks, and the glossy screen is much better than I could ever have hoped. I’m rocking it with 2gbs of RAM (is there […] Read more »

Pierre Chatel (who brought us Sidenote) is at it again with an app that’s sure to spice up your desktop. His newest app is titled Desktopia. Desktopia is a freeware application that lets you set your desktop to change pictures at a specific time as opposed […] Read more »

In what may be a disappointing turn of events for some, Apple has apparently settled the lawsuit brought by Creative regarding the iPod user interface for $100 million. The payment grants Apple a licence to use the hierarchical menu system covered by the Creative patent. This […] Read more »

If you have a G4 iBook or a G4 PowerBook, go to the Apple Battery Recall for G4 iBook and PowerBook (Coral Cache Mirroring, just in case?) Press Release now, check your battery model number and serial number to determine whether you’re affected. Some have been […] Read more »

Yesterday I received a call that Apple Store UTC had demo units on the floor and I should come check them out. As any deserving person does to test the power of a system, I rebooted the thing. The system was up and running in under […] Read more »

When it comes to feeding a RSS jones, Mac users have a heap of options. My favorite, and the one I use exclusively, is Newsfire created and maintained by David Watanabe. From where I sit, Newsfire is a seamless melding of function and beauty. While I’d […] Read more »

A few weeks ago, you might have heard about a Chinese manufacturer/supplier with sub-par conditions for their employees. This group of over 200,000 people happened to be a piece in the iPod making puzzle. Apple released this today noting that the majority of the code of […] Read more »

InfoWorld reported that the prerelease version of Leopard handed out to developers at WWDC has been leaked to file sharing networks. It reportedly has all the features shown at the WWDC, including Spaces and Time Machine. Of course, this could also be a deliberate publicity stunt […] Read more »

Tha’ts right, folks. I’m not talking about Civ 4, the most anticipated version of the Sid Myer’s command and control civilization simulator. This is all about it’s older brother, bundled with both expansion packs and a few other niceties. I’m just going to get the the […] Read more »

Of the many technologies the industry has to offer, the one thing that facinates me more than anything is operating systems. Of the literally hundreds of OS’s that I’ve used, Mac OS X is the most interesting of all. It’s a logically organised system with many […] Read more »

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