offically a blue chip

Apple, the world’s most valuable company, will be calculated in the Dow Jones Industrial Average index starting later this month, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. The move has been a long time coming, and was likely made possible by last year’s 7-for-1 stock split which significantly reduced the per-share price of Apple, making it easier to fold into the price-weighted blue chip index. Apple will replace AT&T in the prestigious group of thirty major American companies. Apple is currently traded on the Nasdaq and shares were trading at $125.41 at the time of publication.

Deeper iOS 8 integration

Apple iPhone and iPad owners opting to use the official Gmail application have a compelling upgrade waiting for them notes The Verge. The newest version of Gmail for iOS takes advantage of Apple’s willingness to let third-party apps share information and have actionable notifications. Gmail for iOS now lets you reply to incoming mail through notifications, for example, meaning you never have to leave the app you’re in when replying. Messages showing on the lock screen can now be archived or deleted as well, making it quicker to manage email. Gmail can be added to the “share” menu in iOS 8 as well, so you can send images or documents outside of the Gmail app.

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