Leanne Seeto

Richard Fink

Leanne Seeto
Co-Founder | Strategy & Operations
Human Ecology Holdings

“Understanding human behavior and sub-conscious must inform the design of machines; allowing machines to be embraced for the advancement of society”

Leanne Seeto is a Co-Founder of Human Ecology Holdings whose mission is to sustain a balance in the relationship between humanity and technology as it is integrated into our lives.

Leanne has over 20 years’ experience working is Sydney, London, Tokyo and in the US in multi-national corporations. She has held Board delegated management and senior marketing leadership roles where she introduced human centered design into Australia’s largest financial institutions. In one of the world’s largest global consultancies, she worked with large corporations to embrace exponential technologies and reinvent business models. While living in Japan she observed unique human-machine interactions has a passion for understanding the social, cultural, language, gender, and generational impacts on these interactions. She works with the IEEE’s thought leaders on The Global Initiative for Ethical Consideration in the Design of Autonomous Systems.

She has published thought leadership and contributed to media topics from disruptive business models to the impact of exponential technology on our population, industries and businesses as we move into an ‘Intelligent Age’. Leanne is an alumnus of Singularity University and holds an MBA with subjects in Global Business Intelligence and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Psychology and Philosophy.

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