Gigaom Change

Helping bridge the gap between today’s business operations and tomorrow’s demanding expectations, our carefully curated league of 20+ innovative speakers will showcase how business leaders can stop wondering what is happening… and instead start building what the future is inviting forward.

We’re at a point in time where our collective ability to solve some of the biggest business and social challenges has the potential to literally reshape our world. In bringing together the builders, the practitioners and the visionaries, we’re extending a bold invitation for us all to become more confident innovators.


Introducing our extraordinary (and growing) lineup of 20+ speakers joining us for Gigaom Change 2016…

Robert Metcalfe

Professor of Innovation, Murchison Fellow of Free Enterprise at The University of Texas

Jacquelyn Ford Morie Ph.D.

Founder & CEO, All These Worlds LLC
Founder & CTO, The Augmented Traveler Corp

Rodolphe Gelin

EVP Chief Scientific Officer, Aldebaran

Manoj Saxena

Executive Chairman, CognitiveScale

Dr. Heike Riel

IBM Fellow & Director Physical Sciences Department, IBM Research

Mark Rolston

Cofounder & Chief Creative Officer, argodesign

Rob High

IBM Fellow, Vice President and CTO, IBM Watson

Dr. Michael Edelman

CEO, Nanoco

Melonee Wise

CEO, Fetch Robotics

Shane Wall

CTO and Global Head, HP Labs

David Rose

CEO, Ditto Labs

If you are interested in sharing your work either on the stage or demonstrated in the venue, please contact us asap at as we’re finalizing things now.