Gigaom Change is a summit of business leaders that is designed to connect 300+ innovative minds with 20+ global experts who are at the forefront of the biggest technological advances set to change everything.

To optimize your experience (and eliminate cognitive pain …aka FOMO), we’ve planned a single track series of speaker highlights and thoughtful panels covering a diverse range of industries and perspectives. There will be time for a few breakout sessions where we deepen our collective understanding and take part in an open exchange of ideas that will accelerate our connections among this forward-thinking group. For the tactile learners among us, there will also be plenty of opportunities to explore interactive demo’s.

We have very intentionally created a structure around each of the 7 key technologies that will explore what’s happening today, what’s coming next, and as we look to the future what we need to know to begin confidently applying these ideas. You’ll emerge with an understanding of how to navigate the complexities of the new technological normal and the many opportunities that exist for your business to level-up and tap into the vast potential within these technologies.

To help you plan your time, here is a broad overview of what to expect as we kick off on Wednesday September 21st.

Wednesday September 21st
1:00pm Registration opens
1:00pm Informal Connection + Warm Up for early arrivals
3pm Kickoff.
3:00pm Welcome: Nancy Giordano, Gigaom Executive Producer/Strategic Futurist – Sets the stage
3:15pm Opening Keynote: Byron Reese, Gigaom CEO/Publisher – “Prologue to the Future”
6:15pm Happy Hour
7:00pm Opening dinner with WE Worldwide: Creating Connections
Thursday September 22nd
6:30am Wellness + Connection: Choose from a selection of options or take a spin around UT Campus
8:30am Healthy breakfast
9:00am Welcome + Recap of Wednesday
10:45am Break
11:00am Keynote Panel 3: ROBOTICS
12:30pm Lunch in the AT&T Conference Center
1:30pm Peter Stone: overview of recent AI100 study
2:00pm Keynote Panel 4: NANOTECHNOLOGY
3:00pm Keynote Panel 5: 3D+ PRINTING
4:30pm Deep Dive Breakout Sessions
5:45pm Happy Hour – Join us to toast a full day of technology innovation
Friday September 23rd
6:30am Wellness + Connection: choose from a selection of options or take a spin around UT Campus
8:30am Healthy breakfast
9:00am Welcome + Recap of Thursday
9:15am Keynote Panel 6: CYBERSECURITY
10:45am Break
11:00am Keynote Panel 7: HUMAN-MACHINE INTERFACE
12:30pm Lunch in the AT&T Conference Center
1:30pm Gigaom Change Analysis: The Future of Business
2:15pm Closing Keynote: Bob Metcalfe, Professor of Innovation, Murchison Fellow of Free Enterprise at UT – “What It Takes To Be A Committed Champion”
2:45pm Final Summit Wrap-up + Closing Announcements
3:00pm Break
3:15pm Gigaom Roundtable: Stick around as we ponder the human impact of all these convergent technology advances.

As we wrap up Gigaom Change, our intention is that you’ll have a deeper understanding of the key technologies, built meaningful relationships, and catalyzed a clear set of next steps.