<strong>How to Differentiate Between Edge, Cloud, and 5G</strong>

What is cloud-native about 5G and why is it considered edge? Overlapping terminology used by telecoms and cloud providers creates a deal of confusion, although the lines separating these technologies are fairly clear. In essence, we’re talking about three distinct technological concepts. It’s worth breaking these down, considering what they bring, and understanding the current […]

Thinking Strategically About Software Bills of Materials <strong>(SBOMs)</strong>

Where did SBOMs spring from? As someone who (let’s say) has been around the block a few times, I’ve often felt confronted by something ‘new’, which looks awfully like something I’ve seen before. As a direct answer to the question, I believe it was US.gov wot dunnit, when in 2021 the White House released an […]

To UEBA or not to UEBA? That is the question

GigaOm Security Analyst Chris Ray looks at how UEBA is more than a security monitoring tool Over recent years, user and entity behavior analysis (UEBA) has evolved as a new set of tools in the chief information security officer (CISO)’s armory. So, where has it come from and how can today’s solutions help?  To answer […]