What is The Joint Artificial Information Center (JAIC)?

The Joint Artificial Information Center is the premier artificial intelligence arm of the Department of Defense (DOD). JAIC is focused on delivering artificial intelligence solutions at a neck-break speed to all departments of the DOD.


What it is: The Joint Artificial Information Center is the DOD’s effort to compete with the rest of the world in the realm of artificial intelligence.

What it does: The JAIC is focused on synchronizing AI activities across the military, and bringing together top AI researchers in both private and public sector organizations. A key reason the JAIC was created was to focus on near-term execution and AI adoption throughout the DOD. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was given $2 billion in funding for AI research, which should lead to long-term AI technology development. It is believed that the JAIC will be used to take the technology that DARPA develops and to implement said technology into real-world cases.

Why it matters: Creating a common pathway for all departments of the DOD to execute their respective AI initiatives is critical. The JAIC will help departments across the DOD ensure that their AI initiatives and programs are aligned with the National Defense Strategy. This will be accomplished by using shared data repositories, reusable tools, frameworks, as well as cloud and edge services.

What to do about it: Get Involved. As with nearly every government program, the private sector will play a key part in its success. This fall, the JAIC will host “Solutions Meetings” where organizations will be invited to present on the following topics:

  • Autonomous Cyber Defense
  • User Activity Monitoring & Attribution
  • Social Media & Dark Web Analysis
  • Network Mapping
  • Autonomous DevOps
  • Data engineering

Plainly stated, there are plenty of opportunities for the right private sector organizations to participate.

AI Initiatives in China and Russia

Artificial intelligence is the new nuclear arms race. China, Russia, and the United States are the leading nations in this new fight.


China has made artificial intelligence one of its top priorities in its efforts to dominate on the world stage. They have unveiled a long-term AI strategy where they will attempt to dominate AI by 2030. Their JAIC counterpart is spread across multiple laboratories and is looking to fuse military and civilian technological development.


Russia will be revealing its long-term AI strategy at some point this year. They are planning to open their JAIC equivalent, dubbed Era, in September 2019 with an expansion to a 50-acre city in 2020. Russia is focused on utilizing both military and private-sector staff to develop AI for military purposes.

Key Personnel

Lt. Gen Jack Shanahan: Director – Lt. General Shanahan has the necessary experience to lead this program. He has extensive military experience in AI, as he was the Director of the Algorithmic Warfare Cross- Functional Team.

Mr. Stephen T. Homeyer: Deputy Director – Homeyer has been involved in Federal government research for more than 20 years. He previously served as the Deputy Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s Research Directorate.

Looking Ahead

National Mission Initiatives

So far the JAIC has been working on two separate National Mission Initiatives (NMIs). The first is focused on predictive maintenance; the other is focused on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. The JAIC is partnering with Military Services to identify and prioritize new initiatives.

Lt. General Shanahan has claimed that two of the next NMIs will be Cyber Sensemaking and Perception. Cyber Sensemaking will focus on security and safeguarding sensitive information, while Perception will focus on the speed, completeness, and accuracy of Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination.

Train and Develop AI Talent

The JAIC ia taking key personnel from all branches of the military and providing training and experience by working at the JAIC. These military members will gain experience that they can then deploy within their respective military branches.