The Business Case for Hybrid Cloud Data Protection (HCDP)

Blended cloud and on-premises infrastructures pose urgent new challenges to IT organizations. HCDP solutions provide a strategic response.

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What it Does

Data protection is a fundamental component of any IT strategy. With data now dispersed across on-premises infrastructure and multiple clouds, an end-to-end hybrid cloud data protection (HCDP) solution manages data as a whole instead of in silios.

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  • Infrastructure simplification: A single solution to backup all data from any location.
  • Security: Easier to apply global policies and check their status.
  • Data management: A single data view enhances data-management strategy.
  • Cost: Backup consolidation and streamlined operations improve infrastructure TCO.
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High: A strong data-protection strategy is crucial for IT infrastructure, but cloud and edge computing have changed the way it is implemented. The increasing and catastrophic threat posed by cyber-attacks like ransomware mandate an end-to-end data protection strategy.

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Risk Level

Low: Migration from a legacy data-protection solution can take a considerable time and long-data retention could force the user to keep old backup infrastructure alive during the process. For regulated industries, it could take years to complete the removal of the old backup system.

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30/60/90 Plan

30: Create a map of all the data in your organization and across different environments.
60: Identify possible scenarios in which HCDP can bring additional value—security, compliance, data management, etc.
90: Test solutions focusing on the additional value of HCDP, not just data protection, and look at the migration path alongside the IT team’s learning curve.

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Time to Value

By adopting HCDP solutions that give full visibility over all data in the organization, the return on investment will be immediate. Global search, identification of dark and orphaned data, and global ransomware protection will improve processes and accelerate operations.

What Is HCDP?

Data is among the most important assets of any enterprise, and keeping that data safe is paramount. This is especially the case with the transition to the cloud, which radically changes where data is created and consumed even as organizations content with evolving business and regulatory needs. HCDP enforces better protection and security policies, enables compliance, and opens the door to compelling new data management strategies.

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