The Business Case for CI/CD

How the implementation of an end-to-end pipeline can enable a more efficient software development lifecycle

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What it Does

CI/CD is a methodology that enables optimization of software development stages based on agile processes and an end-to-end pipeline.

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  • 50% or greater reductions in software deployment time.
  • Doubled, or even quadrupled, frequency of deployment.
  • At least a 25% improvement in build times
  • 40% to 70% overall cost savings.
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High: Implementing CI/CD is urgent for automation of building, testing, and deploying applications in in companies engaged in software development.

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Risk Level

Medium: Choice of platform may not suit the applications being developed and deployed, resulting in wasted effort and investment.

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30/60/90 Plan

  • 30 days: Assess and baseline existing pipelines to evaluate preparedness.
  • 60 days: Build an appropriate CI/CD foundation, including socialization with teams.
  • 90 days: Train engineering, operations, and management staff.
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Time to Value

Initial efficiency improvements can be seen in three months, depending on business case, company size, and ability to accept new working practices.

What Is CI/CD?

Continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) is a methodology that enables optimization of software development stages through a set of agile processes and an end-to-end pipeline that enable a more frequent and efficient delivery of code changes (Figure 1).
Figure 1. The End-to-End CI/CD Pipeline

CI/CD enables enterprises to deliver innovation and business value quickly at speed and scale. From a business perspective, it offers an essential response to the demands of a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

At the practical level, CI/CD takes code from source control, builds it into a binary or artifact, then deploys the binary or artifact to a system (container, virtual machines, serverless, etc.). Some organizations may need to build code with just CI; automatically deploying it with code pushes using continuous delivery or deployment. CI/CD is also very useful for infrastructure automation.

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