The Business Case for a SaaS Management Platform (SMP)

Optimize SaaS Application Security, Operations, and Spend

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What it Does

SaaS Management Platforms (SMP) enable SaaS Application daily operations including identifying SaaS applications, security management, IT operations, spend management, and vendor management.

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  • Security management reduces non-compliant SaaS Applications and unauthorized access by 80%.
  • 2X increase in operational productivity through the use of workflow automation.
  • Up to 30% cost reduction by removing redundant applications and underutilized features.

Footnote: Benefits based on Analyst and GigaOm experience.

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SMPs are critical for SMBs with 50 plus applications, or $500k-plus spend, and Enterprises with 100 plus applications or $3 million-plus spend.

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Risk Level

  • Medium – SMPs require a cross-functional team, organizational change management, and measurable outcomes to be successful.
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30/60/90 Plan

30 Days: Form a cross-functional team, define outcomes, and set a budget. Identify target SaaS applications based on benefits and risks.
60 Days: Define use cases, execute proofs of concept(s), and purchase the platform. Build an organizational change management plan.
90 Days: Pilot platform with a few SaaS applications. Measure outcomes and drive continuous improvement.
SMB: It may be possible to complete these steps in a shorter time frame within smaller organizations.

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Time to Value

Focusing on a single widely used application should show results in 90 days. Wider adoption and workflow automation will take six months or longer.

What is a SaaS Management Platform?

A SaaS Management Platform (SMP) provides visibility into a company’s SaaS applications by integrating company operational and SaaS application usage data. The dashboards show a consolidated view of the application utilization, spend, security status, access patterns, and contract entitlements. SMPs automate user management, license management, data management, security policy enforcement, alerting, and auditing. SMPs enable improved security compliance, operational efficiencies, SaaS application ROI, optimized entitlements, and user productivity.

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