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Given how CES is now a barometer for such a wide array of technology segments, GigaOM Research decided to ask our readers which way the tech winds will blow over the next year based on what they saw in Las Vegas. (Subscription required) Read more »

Delivering and managing the web experience isn’t just about mobile. Companies are also faced with new challenges in the desktop environment, including browser fragmentation, network evolution, and client-side technologies. They must invest in both the desktop environment as well as to create an optimized experience for mobile. Read more »

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The mobile-messaging value chain is changing as OTT players upend mobile operators’ SMS business. There will be 27.7 trillion messages by 2016, and most of the growth in traffic will come from IP-based services. Successful carriers will use this new technology to extend reliability and scalability. Read more at Gigaom Research »

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Devops is an industry buzzword that arose to describe the collaboration of development and operations teams. Continuous delivery is the automated implementation of the build, deploy, test, and release processes. As more teams embrace these ideas, more platforms and services will move toward a self-service model. Read more at Gigaom Research »

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The market for grid-scale advanced batteries is forecasted to reflect nearly $30 billion in investment through 2020. Tapping into this potential depends on the technical and market-focused innovations of a small industry ecosystem, one that faces considerable challenges in R&D and funding. Read more at Gigaom Research »

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Thanks to the rise of online business, companies must now get their products and services to market as fast as they can, and releasing software now means small releases that occur very frequently. Enter devops, which is disrupting traditional assumptions about the roles of development and operations. Read more at Gigaom Research »

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App developers are the cornerstones of the multibillion-dollar app market, but the overall community remains largely unknown. As app downloads increase, organizations that can bring tools, resources, and a collective voice to this group will be an important factor in the evolution of mobile-app development. Read more at Gigaom Research »

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Listening platforms — or social media monitoring, analysis, and engagement tools — are bringing massive amounts of new information to businesses’ marketing departments. These tools are also leading the way in the growth of social media information and access throughout organizations so that customers’ wants and needs can be better understood and, presumably, satisfied. This report analyzes how the adoption of listening platforms is transforming marketing departments, their relationships with central IT, and the core systems that run the enterprise. Read more at Gigaom Research »

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Owning physical items — cars, apartments, office space — will be increasingly inefficient for a global market. This is driving a greater interest in the share economy. Companies like Zipcar and Airbnb have paved the way here, but a host of startups have surfaced recently, too. Read more at Gigaom Research »

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Developers of renewable-energy projects frequently spend more time obtaining permits than the actual projects. Such delays — often unanticipated — pose serious financial risks. But several key steps will help developers navigate successfully through the thicket of nonuniform regulations, jurisdictions, and lawsuits that await them. Read more at Gigaom Research »

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Apple and Google still dominate the smartphone space, but look out for Microsoft, which finally has some muscle behind its mobile strategy. Meanwhile mobile-browser developers went head-to-head with native apps, and Facebook continued to buy mobile expertise via acquisition. Read more at Gigaom Research »

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Cloud-based storage and cross-device syncing of media content are two of the most competitive areas in consumer IT. Apple, Google and Amazon see cloud-based media services both as a way to increase attachment to their platforms and a means to extend and amplify their broader strategic goals. Read more at Gigaom Research »

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The time for talking has passed, and the time for buying has begun. We’re tracking what could be one of the biggest IPOs in American history–and what will almost certainly be the biggest tech IPO ever–in this post. Read more »

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There are now more than half a dozen commercial Hadoop distributions in the market, and almost every enterprise with big data challenges is tinkering with the Apache Foundation-licensed software. A new report examines the key disruptive trends shaping the Hadoop platform market. Read more at Gigaom Research »

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If your organization doesn’t have a strategy for big data now, you will need one in the future. Here we discuss the difference between big data and traditional business intelligence, as well as the considerations executives should take into account as they plan their big data strategies. Read more at Gigaom Research »

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Rich people have phones, like apps and want to buy things using said phones. The less-than-groundbreaking results of a study from the Luxury… Read more »

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Sony (NYSE: SNE) will start selling Google (NSDQ: GOOG) TV-based products in Europe in September, according to a report by Les Echos. The si… Read more »

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Is the trend for smart TVs that connect to the web and run apps a big mistake? Anthony Rose, the co-founder of hot social TV app Zeebox, too… Read more »

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