ZTE and HTC may be planning Galaxy Note competitors

ZTE and HTC are both reportedly planning large smartphones that double as small tablets, with at least one of the two expected to include a stylus with the device. The idea is to compete against Samsung’s Galaxy Note, a 5.3-inch Android smartphone with digital pen.

Android this week: New phones, plus Windows on Android

Mobile World Congress took place this week, and aside from a few Microsoft-related announcements, the show was all about Android. We saw new phones from all but Samsung, with many slated for Android 4.0. OnLive Desktop launched for Android, bringing Windows to tablets and smartphones.

Sprint sells the ZTE Optik, its first sub-$100 tablet

Sprint will carry the Optik, a 7-inch 3G-enabled tablet built by ZTE, a China-based company. The Android 3.2 tablet has capable components and runs Android 3.2. The best feature may be the price: just $99 with a two-year Sprint contract or $349.99 without a commitment.

More smartphones now sold in China than in U.S.

Smartphone adoption may be high in the U.S. but overall smartphone sales are highest in China, with Nokia and Samsung leading the pack. Combine subsidies and numerous Android devices with an expected billion mobile connections and I’d say you’ve got the recipe for another smartphone revolution.