PayPal pitches its wider vision for mobile payments

PayPal, which has been a powerhouse in online payments but hasn’t really cracked the market for real-world payments of goods, is starting to show off how it can put all of its components and recent acquisitions together to form a broad tool for mobile payments.

Zong Brings Payments to Flash, Gaming Consoles and TV Apps

Zong has been a major player in mobile payments, best known for allowing people to bill Facebook Credits purchases to their phone. But the provider sees a bigger audience in payments and is expanding support to Flash, Unity, the mobile web and to interactive TV platforms.

AT&T Tries to Jump-Start Mobile Carrier Billing

AT&T is rolling out a trial of direct carrier billing with Zong, BilltoMobile and Boku. The trial represents the biggest push to date for direct mobile billing, which allows a consumer to buy a product and bill it directly to their wireless bill.

Zong Offers Android Devs In-App Purchasing Tool

Developers looking to make a buck on Android in-app purchases will be heartened to hear that Papaya Mobile is the first to deploy Zong’s in-app payment system for its social gaming platform. The deal opens a new era for Android developers waiting for in-app purchase solutions.

Boku and Zong Launch In-App Android Payments

Zong and Boku, the mobile payments competitors, have found a new place to go head-to-head: the Android platform. Both companies are today announcing trials of support for in-app transactions on the iPhone, billed to users’ mobile carriers securely.

Zong Collects $15M for Mobile Payments

Here’s a company you should be paying attention to, if you’re not already: Zong, the mobile payments startup, said today it’s raised $15 million in a round led by Matrix Partners and is now fully spun off from Switzerland-based Echovox.

Is There Money in Voice APIs?

The promise of APIs is that they make it easy to integrate different services — even those provided by different vendors — into a single application. But is simply providing an API to your telephony infrastructure enough to prompt the world to beat a path to your door? Don’t count on it.