Can Hertz shake up car sharing?

Good, but not great, growth has Wall Street punishing car sharing market leader Zipcar, which IPO’ed at $18 last year, zoomed to $28 and now sits at around ten bucks. But the question on many people’s minds is: What is Hertz doing?

Startup Zagster aims to be the Zipcar for bikes

Zagster aims to bring shared bikes to a campus, apartment complex, or hotel near you. The startup (once called CityRyde) just signed Cisco and Hyatt Hotels to install its shared bike service in their locations, CEO Timothy Ericson told attendees of TechStars Boston Demo Day.

Daimler revs up car and ride sharing at CES

Automakers have cautiously been exploring car sharing. The inherent conflict is that if more people share cars, fewer people will buy cars. But at CES this week Daimler said it plans to expand its car-sharing service Car2Go to 12 more cities this year.

Today in Green IT: Zipcar finally profitable

Our GigaOM Pro Green IT analyst Adam Lesser reports: Zipcar reported its third quarter after the bell yesterday and finds itself getting hammered this morning, down 5 percent. Sadly, the street is missing the story. Zipcar is finally profitable. Period.

The economics of peer-to-peer car sharing

Peer-to-peer car sharing has emerged in select cities as a way for car owners to rent their vehicles to people in their neighborhood. But are car owners, drivers or the companies making money? The key will be that the economics pan out for everyone.


The economics of peer-to-peer car sharing

The concept of car sharing — where drivers can rent cars by the minute or hour from a company like Zipcar — has yet to reach mainstream status, but already, it’s emerged with a new format in certain cities. That’s peer-to-peer car sharing, where regular car owners rent out their personal vehicles to the community by the minute or hour and make money off of their car while providing a service to the community. The key to this concept taking off one day will be if the economics pan out — for the companies, the car owners and the drivers. Here are four important things to consider.

Zipcar Soars in Nasdaq Debut

Combine a year in which IPOs are back and car sharing is hot and what do you get? A smash hit success. Zipcar’s stock debuted on the Nasdaq Thursday at an eye-opening $30 per share, up over 60 percent from its offering price of $18.

Zipcar Prices IPO at $18, Above Range, Debuts Thursday

On the eve of Zipcar’s Nasdaq debut on Thursday, the car sharing company priced its stock at $18 per share late Wednesday, well above the previous estimated range of $14 to $16 per share, and raising $174.24 million, far above Zipcar’s original estimate of $75 million.

Zipcar Prices IPO At $14 to $16 Per Share

Apparently, car sharing company Zipcar’s long-awaited IPO is not off! This week, Zipcar priced its IPO at between $14 and $16 per share for a planned run on the Nasdaq under the symbol ZIP. The company’s 8.3 million shares will net $89.2 million.

Zipcar Extends Option to Buy Up Majority of Avancar

Zipcar had until the end of 2010 to decide if it wanted to buy majority share of Spanish car sharing company Avancar, which it invested $300,000 in for a minority share. The answer? Undecided. Zipcar has extended the option to buy majority share another year.

7 Steps Toward Shared Vehicles in 2010

Over the course of 2010, a rich ecosystem of services, startups and innovations began to take shape around the idea of sharing cars and bikes. Here’s seven steps taken this year toward shared transportation:

Zipcar Raises $21M; IPO Off?

The largest car sharing company in the U.S., Zipcar, said this morning it has raised $21 million in a Series G financing round. While that could sound like a good thing, it could also mean the company’s highly-anticipated IPO is on the rocks.

RelayRides Scores Google VC Funds, Kicks Off in SF

RelayRides, which aims to help people rent out their personal vehicles, launched today and said it raised its first round of investment from Google Ventures and August Capital. It’s part of a trend in which companies are using the web to help people share “stuff.”

BMW Rolls Toward Zipcar’s Turf With Hourly Rentals

BMW Group is breaking into car sharing with a new pilot project in Munich that will let customers rent any current BMW model by the hour. It fits into much larger trends of innovation around providing mobility as a service — and growing competition for Zipcar.

Zeitbyte Streams NY Fashion Week Online and On Mobile

Zeitbyte is having its biggest week ever, as it has been chosen to distribute live and on-demand video streams of more than 100 runway shows during the week-long New York Fashion Week. Those runway shows are being made available both online and on mobile devices.


Car Data As the Next Platform for Innovation

A connected car platform is finally emerging, and will be ruled by automakers, drivers, vehicle-focused startups and cell phones companies. And though it’s still too early for a crystal-clear picture, the connected car will undoubtedly give birth to innovative third-party applications — ones that can make driving a lot more efficient.

Zipcar's Roadblock: U.K. Inquiry Into Its Purchase of Streetcar

Zipcar’s path to the public market has become a bit more bumpy as its purchase of Streetcar, its largest rival in London, raises anti-competition concerns. The Office of Fair Trade (OFT) in the U.K. said Tuesday it couldn’t be confident that the acquisition wouldn’t stifle competition.

Zipcar IPO Update: Lawsuit Dismissed, Streetcar Still on Hold

Zipcar, a Cambridge, Mass.-based startup with the country’s largest car sharing network, has scored a legal victory at home and stepped into a potential antitrust quagmire abroad, according to Zipcar’s latest filing with financial regulators ahead of its planned $75 million IPO.

Why Green Car Makers Need to Find Mobile Partners

ABI Research forecasts in a new report that apps for smartphone devices will give vehicle navigation systems a run for their money over the next five years — a trend that could make demand for connectivity a double-edged sword for green cars.

How Zipcar Can Scale Car-Sharing Tech On the Cheap

Four years after setting up a car sharing service in London, England, Zipcar announced today that it has acquired the UK’s largest car sharing provider, Streetcar. Now Zipcar faces some questions about how to bridge technology gaps between different models.

Zipcar Snaps Up UK Car-sharing Network Streetcar

Zipcar has bought London-based car-sharing firm Streetcar in its latest bid to expand across Europe, the companies announced this morning. The acquisition, valued at about $50 million, expands the size of Zipcar’s UK fleet more than fourfold, to 1,770 vehicles.

What the iPad Could Mean for Connected Cars & Greener Transit

The iPad could change the way vehicle networks operate and how consumers interact with organizations that offer alternatives to personal vehicle ownership. But a few hurdles stand between the device and a meaningful impact on vehicles’ software, entertainment, information and IT systems.

Paste Sticki notes on the web

Stickis, a plug-in that helps you add your own notes to web pages (similar to Medium, Trailfire, Fleck, and Diigo) launches today…