Sector Roadmap

Sector Roadmap: Smart home platforms

A wide variety of companies are seeking to capitalize on the huge potential of the smart home space. Vendors and buyers must be aware of key disruptors that will shake up the market in coming years.

Say hello to the next home automation standard: Wi-Fi

Choosing a home automation network standard can be a hassle. It’s too bad there isn’t a ubiquitous network standard to use in plug-and-play modules. Oh wait: what about Wi-Fi? Belkin’s new WeMo products use Wi-Fi, which may help move home automation from geeks to the mainstream.

Google’s Plan to Take Android Everywhere

Google wants to connect all your devices to the Android ecosystem and then expose their functionality to app developers. Apps to control your light, wash your dishes and even grow your vegetables in your in-house garden are just part of a bigger plan of real-world domination.

GE: ZigBee Beats Wi-Fi for Low-Energy Homes

General Electric research shows that ZigBee uses less than half the power of Wi-Fi for home energy networking — a fact that cements its likely role as a key enabler of GE’s home energy management devices to come.

ZigBee Chip Makers to Smart Energy: Thanks!

Smart energy gear — from smart meters to intelligent plugs to routers that can connect with smart meters — represents the largest growth opportunity for chips and modules that use the wireless standard ZigBee (or in geek terms 802.15.4).

App Review: Stuck Genie — There’s a Genie in Your iPhone

[appreview] title=Stuck Genie image=http://gigapple.wordpress.com/files/2009/06/appicon_stuck_genie.png price=$1.99 url=http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=314420223&mt=8 rating=silver [/appreview] A genie, a load of balls, and an ancient labyrinth come together to create…

Mapping Out Traffic Pollution

Traffic tie-ups aren’t just a headache for drivers, they can also be a significant source of pollution. But new, low-cost, wireless sensors…