Thousands of YouTube partners now make six figures a year

Thousands of people are now making six figures on YouTube, the company revealed during its Q2 earnings call Thursday. YouTube had previously put that number in the hundreds. Google’s Chief Business Officer, Nikesh Arora, said that the company has found its model for YouTube.

Machinima Is YouTube's Content King

If you’re not into video games, chances are you’ve never heard of Machinima. Maybe it’s time to change that: The L.A.-based content producer…

MovieClips brings your favorite movie moments to YouTube

Movieclips has partnered with YouTube to launch a channel on the site with tens of thousands of short-form video clips from popular Hollywood movies. It will also provide additional clips on YouTube’s Movies channel to entice users to rent films through the streaming VOD service.

Sorry Shut-Ins, YouTube’s New Homepage Is Not For You

YouTube’s made its home page a lot more customizable, thanks to a new design. The new home page still contains a column of promoted and featured videos, but approximately 75 percent of the screen is now devoted to content drawn from the user’s social interactions.

YouTube Revenues More Than Doubled in 2010

While YouTube wasn’t a big topic of discussion during Google’s fourth quarter earnings call, CFO Patrick Pichette let slip that revenues grew at the online video site more than doubled in 2010. There’s still no word on whether or not YouTube is profitable, though.

5 Tips From YouTube on How to Rock YouTube

The gang at YouTube had a busy year when it came to creating new features and improving on new ones — so here’s a quick look at five things you may not have known you could do while using the world’s largest video site.

YouTube Drops $500k on New Gear for Creators

YouTube announced today it was handing out $500,000 worth of B&H Photo credits to its content partners, enabling them to buy better gear to make videos with. But the investment is meager compared to what some other video distributors, like Netflix, pay for their content.

YouTube Trends Surfaces Videos By Location, Demographic

Want to know what kind of videos are popular in Hong Kong, Honolulu or Houston? YouTube’s new Trends site offers direct access to some of its localized data, offering the ability to compare trends globally — and showcasing how Google could surface videos in the future.

YouTube Gets Rid of Upload Limits, If You Behave Well

There goes that saying about 15 minutes of fame: YouTube announced today that it is doing away with limiting video uploads to 15 minutes. However, you’ll only be able to upload longer videos if you behave well and don’t violate any of the site’s rules.

YouTube Makes Leanback Smarter With Custom Channels

Users watching YouTube Leanback spend 30 minutes watching video — twice as much as users of the traditional site — and it’s YouTube’s goal to make that difference even larger. Tonight comes a new initiative in that effort: Personalized channels created around specific topics, accessible through Leanback.

YouTube’s Hurley To Step Down As CEO

YouTube CEO Chad Hurley is stepping down from his position, he revealed during an event in Dublin this evening, according to a TechCrunch re…

YouTube Goes For The Holy Grail of TV

YouTube has finally rolled out its YouTube Leanback user interface, which was designed with Google TV in mind, and provides a way to easily navigate the site while viewing it on a big screen, as well as the non-stop viewing users expect from watching TV.

YouTube Live Is Not Ready for Primetime

Don’t expect YouTube to replace your primetime TV viewing anytime soon, based on early results from its live streaming efforts. It’s only Day Two of a test with content partners, but an early look at YouTube’s video quality shows some issues with its live streaming ambitions.

YouTube Adds Movies in the U.K.

YouTube is giving U.K. residents more reason to visit the online video site, with more than 400 movies added to its content library. Its new U.K. Movies section will feature ad-supported and on-demand films through agreements with Sony Pictures, MGM and U.K. video service Blinkbox.

YouTube Revamps Its Most-Popular List With ‘Charts’

YouTube’s most-popular list has always been a good way to discover on which videos and channels were trending, but it was difficult to navigate. Now the video site has simplified that process with “YouTube Charts,” a new listing that can be filtered according to multiple criteria.

YouTube Extends File Limit to 15 Minutes

Attention all blabbermouths — on its blog today, YouTube announced that all of its users can now upload video files that are up to 15 minutes long. That’s 50 percent longer than the site’s previous (and long-running) limit of 10 minutes for non-partner videos.

Google Prepping San Francisco Trial for YouTube Direct

Google is reaching out to local bloggers in San Francisco as part of a new trial of its YouTube Direct citizen journalism offering. The initiative would serve as a showcase of how other news organizations could leverage YouTube’s citizen journalists to augment their own coverage.

YouTube Leverages Google Moderator for Discussions

Comments on YouTube can be pretty rowdy at times. Good thing that YouTube publishers now have a new tool at their disposal to surface good contributions, guide the discussion and even get some interesting feedback on their own work, thanks to YouTube’s integration of Google Moderator.

YouTube Tops 2B Views a Day, 5 Years After Launch

Just five years after YouTube launched the first beta version of its site, it now streams more than 2 billion videos a day, with a full day’s worth of video uploaded to the site every minute. All that momentum has YouTube on the verge of profitability.

YouTube Claims Two Billion-Plus Daily Views

A new data point about the state of YouTube, which has a fondness for using anniversaries to release them. On the eve of its fifth birthday,…

YouTube Lets Users Unlist Their Videos

With “unlisted videos,” YouTube has finally introduced a way that its users can pass their video links around without limiting availability to 25 viewers or having videos show up on the YouTube front page or in Google’s search index.

YouTube Web Site Down, Embeds Still Broadcasting

Online video fans might be wondering if the world has come to an end — after all YouTube isn’t working this morning. When you try and check out, you get the “service not available” message. The videos embedded in other websites are working.

YouTube Brings Ads To Its Mobile Site

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) — which has spent much of the last year talking about how it is making more money off of YouTube — is now beginning to…

YouTube Gets Violence and Profanity Filter

YouTube has launched a violence, profanity and porn filter for the video-sharing site that it is calling “Safety Mode.” When the setting is clicked, searches for certain terms will return no results, and comments on videos are hidden by default, and have profanity replaced by asterisks.

Vevo Signs Up CBS Interactive Music Group

It’s not another big music label, but Vevo, the highly anticipated music video site, has signed up CBS Interactive (NYSE: CBS) Music Group a…

YouTube Praises Itself On Its Google Birthday

Google’s attempts to turn around negative perceptions of its $1.6 billion purchase of YouTube continue: In a post marking the three year ann…

Google Expands Ad Revenue Sharing On YouTube

A year-and-a-half after first giving select users a cut of the revenue generated by ads that run near their clips, YouTube is greatly expand…

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YouTube Tests Choose-Your-Own Ads

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YouTube Joins The Real-Time Bandwagon

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Google Moderator Gets White House Endorsement

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China Blocks YouTube (Again)

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YouTube India Goes Live

I just checked, and Youtube India has gone live today, with a host of Indian content partners – NDTV, UTVi, Bindass, Zoom and Indiaglitz are…

YouTube To Launch India Site On May 7th

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IITs Upload Engineering Lectures On YouTube

The National Programme for Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) has uploaded video lectures from professors from the Indian Institutes of Te…

YouTube To Launch India Site: Report

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@ D: Chad Hurley And Steve Chen

The YouTube twosome on stage:
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YouTube Announces First Video Award Winners

The virtual envelope please…YouTube named its first ever Video Award winners Monday and the top honors went to the Chicago band OK Go for…

YouTube Tries Its Own Video Awards

YouTube’s Video Awards was kicked off Monday, as the site’s registered users were invited to start voting for the best user-generated clips…

Academy Takes Oscars Off YouTube

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has asked YouTube to take down clips of its Oscarcast and the user-gen video giant has complied, r…

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In answer to the question, “How Much is The New Dotcom Worth?” AO Media panelists noted that it depends, but in unique cases the sky is lite…

YouTube's Vaporware About Vaporshare

This generated a lot of links and stories since Thursday….Chad Hurley, co-founder of YouTube, speaking at Davos, flippantly mentioned the…

Local TV News Leaps to YouTube

KZSW, a local TV station in Temecula, Calif., has begun posting news and sports coverage to YouTube. The station started last month, and whe…