Sony bets on direct U.S. sales for Xperia smartphones

A trio of Sony Mobile’s Xperia smartphones are now available in the U.S., but you won’t find them in carrier stores. Instead, the company is selling the full-priced phones directly to consumers through Sony Stores, and various web retailers; a tough sell in the U.S.

Video: Sony Xperia sola phone with “floating touch”

Sony’s new Xperia sola smartphone helps users navigate the web: Simply hovering a finger over a web page, without actually touching the screen, will highlight links. Called “floating touch,” the feature acts as an on-screen cursor in the browser when moving a finger around the page.

Sony Ericsson outs Android update plans, new Xperia Neo V

Sony Ericsson will bring Android 2.3.4 to all 2011 Xperia handsets, adding Google Talk video, deeper Facebook integration and support for USB peripherals. The new Xperia Neo V will launch with the software update, but it’s not enough to compete for the top Android sales spot.