Xbox Live

Does it matter that Windows Phone has 100k apps now?

Microsoft unlocked an new achievement this month, surpassing 100,000 apps for its Windows Phone mobile platform. But there are several reasons why this number isn’t equating into sales of Windows Phones. There’s a still a key question Microsoft hasn’t answered about its mobile platform.

Windows Phone is an Xbox 360 video remote control

On Tuesday, Microsoft is launching a new app for Windows Phone handsets to help Xbox 360 owners navigate their game console. The timing is in conjunction with the company’s living room push to bring more music and video content to the Xbox 360 console.

Verizon’s Xbox Live rollout lacks broadcast content

Verizon is taking a big step toward making its FiOS TV service available through connected devices, with the launch of a new app for Microsoft’s Xbox Live next month. But the new app will be missing a lot of the most popular networks and shows.

Pay TV’s future and the battle for Input 1

Pay TV operators are increasingly enabling viewers to browse, navigate and watch their programming on third-party devices like connected TVs and game consoles. But when they do that, are they ceding control to CE manufacturers? And who ends up really owning the consumer relationship?

Should Microsoft introduce a disc-less 360?

Microsoft just released its Q2 results, and it’s clear the 360 has gone from being a drag on financials to contributing in a positive way. But one surefire way to expand the market further is by making the 360 available at the $99 price point.

Microsoft brings Bing, YouTube and live TV to Xbox

Microsoft is boosting the number of content choices available to Xbox Live users, starting with millions of video assets available from YouTube. It will also be partnering to add more live TV streams. And to navigate all of those choices, it’s adding Bing unified search.

Xbox 360: The Living Room’s 800-Pound Gorilla?

Microsoft is trying to position its six-year-old Xbox 360 less as a video game console and more as an “all-in-one entertainment device.” But it might have difficult getting content providers on board, unless it makes its platform easier to develop for.

Watch Out, Big Cable: Xbox Live Now Bigger Than Comcast

Microsoft is making a play to get its users watching more video through its Xbox 360 game console, and could soon pose a clear threat to cable operators. Unlike big cable, it’s gaining subscribers who are eager to watch video services available through the service.

Microsoft’s ESPN Deal May Not Be a Cable Killer After All

Microsoft made a lot of potential cord-cutters very happy yesterday when it announced a deal with ESPN to make 3,500 live sporting events available through Xbox Live. But those users should probably hold off before canceling their service and read the fine print first.

Report: Hulu Premium to Begin on Xbox Live

Hulu’s long-awaited subscription service might be rolled out as a video service on Xbox Live, which, if true, would be the first time Hulu actually agreed to allow its TV and film content to be made available on the television, rather than just through PCs.