Xbox 360

Xbox TV: Is Microsoft building an Apple TV competitor?

Watching TV on the Xbox 360 has become hugely successful – but casual users may not be ready to spend $300 on a next-generation Xbox game console. That’s why Microsoft is reportedly working on a slimmed-down set-top box that would more squarely compete with Apple TV.

Amazon’s video services launch on the Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 just got more videos: Amazon launched an app on the game console that offers access to both video-on-demand and Prime Instant subscription streams. With 25 percent of all Netflix traffic coming from the Xbox, it’s an important place to be for Amazon.

Microsoft Kinect SDK set to advance user interfaces

Microsoft’s Kinect is clearly a top seller for games, but early hacks show it to be a device capable of far more beyond interactive gaming. Microsoft agrees, today releasing an official software development kit that could be used to further bridge the physical and computing worlds.

Your Next Cable Box Might Not Be a Box At All

Pay TV subscribers have been frustrated for years by set-top boxes that are difficult to navigate and discover new content on. But that could soon change, with set-top boxes disappearing altogether and being replaced by connected TVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles and other CE devices.

Will Microsoft’s Living-Room Quest Finally Pay Off?

Most of the digerati remain skeptical about Microsoft’s long journey to becoming a key player in the digital home will ever pay off. But recently the company has been swinging a hot bat, with its Xbox 360 and a legitimate holiday hit in the Kinect.

3 Reasons Microsoft’s Kinect Is Hot, Hot, Hot!

Microsoft is selling an average of 100,000 Kinect accessories per day, making it the hottest holiday seller this year. So why is Kinect capturing our imagination, and money, when Sony and Nintendo both have competing motion controls for their own systems? Let me show you!

Xbox (Finally) Ready to Control AT&T’s U-Verse

After three years of waiting, AT&T U-verse subscribers with an Xbox 360 may finally be able to use the game console to navigate their TV programming. According to Engadget, U-verse subscribers could begin using the Xbox 360 as their default electronic programming guide beginning November 7.