World Cup

Vid-Biz: Netflix Traffic, BitTorrent Piracy, 3-D TV

Today on the Net: Netflix edged out Hulu in terms of overall web traffic according to comScore, admins of BitTorrent site are charged in a $1.25 billion copyright infringement suit and 3-D TV is going to be huge by 2015.

World Cup Stats: The Net’s Biggest Sporting Event

Millions tuned in online to watch the World Cup, with both ESPN3 and Univision serving huge audiences. Mobile TV services have also seen significant traffic, and Twitter went down due to the surge of complaints about those vuvuzelas. Read all the details in our stats round-up.

Habla Futbol: Univision’s World Cup Success Story

One of the big winners of the 2010 World Cup is Univision. The broadcaster has been showing all the games of the tournament online, for free and without any restrictions — a recipe that has also been attracting a growing number of predominantly English-speaking soccer fans.

Vid-Biz: YouTube Ads, Next New Billion, MobiTV App

Today on the Net: YouTube plans to roll out skippable ads later this year, World Cup interest has led to more than 1 million downloads of the MobiTV iPhone app and Dyyno is helping its customers to drive streaming video viewing through Facebook.

Skype Goes World Cup — Free Calls for a Month

The folks at Skype are feeling all World Cup-y and have started a promotion designed to keep football fans in touch for free. Skype users in the U.S. can call any mobile or landline for free for the entire month; check the details for other countries.

Esquire Misses the Point on Twitter and the World Cup

Esquire has done what it calls a “semi-scientific” analysis of tweets about the World Cup and said it found nothing of importance beyond score updates and the kind of outburst you might hear in a bar. But is that really any surprise? It’s a conversational medium.

World Cup Stats: ESPN3 Scores 1.7M Viewers in 4 Days

ESPN3 attracted more than 1.7 million viewers to its live streams of the World Cup during the first four full days of the tournament. The broadcaster says that Internet and mobile offerings now account for eight percent of all minutes viewed across all of its platforms.

Technology Quiets the Vuvuzela in Real Time

The vuvuzela, the droning horn employed by soccer fans at the 2010 World Cup, has become the defining sound of the games, but thanks to increased compute power and better software, the sound can now be (mostly) erased from broadcasts before they hit your screen.

World Cup Woes: Soccer Streams Pixelated, Delayed

Updated: Watching the World Cup at work is easier than ever, thanks to free live streams from ESPN3 and Univision. However, is the online soccer experience also enjoyable? We tested both sites, and struggled with pixelated pictures and a live feed that was anything but real time.

Vid-Biz: World Cup Results, Hulu CTO Leaves, Cambio

Today on the Net: ABC and Univision rake in millions of World Cup viewers, but online and mobile viewing was also strong; Hulu loses its founding CTO, Eric Feng, to Kleiner Perkins; and AOL teams with the Jonas Brothers for a new video network.

5 Questions With…Kyte CEO Daniel Graf

In the latest installment of our weekly Q&A feature, Kyte co-founder Daniel Graf calls out the problems with release windows, refuses to pick sides when it comes to Flash and HTML5 and is apparently pretty damn excited about the 2010 World Cup.

Weekend Poll: How Are You Watching the World Cup?

This weekend poll is for all the soccer fans out there: How are you following the World Cup? Are you tuning into online streams like the ones offered by ESPN3 or, or are you sticking to watching the games on TV? NewTeeVee wants to know.

Is the World Cup Bringing Down Twitter?

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa started today, and Twitter is already seeing huge traffic from fans all over the world chiming in, with up to 150,000 tweets per hour. And Twitter has acknowledged that it’s already struggling with availability issues.

World Cup

The 19th FIFA World Cup gets under way June 11 in South Africa and runs through July. And for the first time…

Akamai Beefs Up Network Ahead of the World Cup

Akamai has spent the last year building up its network capacity in anticipation of global Internet traffic hitting a record high during this year’s World Cup. The global audience and the higher quality video streams available — either HD or 3-D are to blame.

Univision To Live Stream All World Cup Games

Univision will be live streaming all 64 games of this year’s World Cup, as part of an its online sports push to coincide with the event. The…