What’s the right social cocktail for you?

The largest companies in the world are in process of figuring out how they can incorporate public social conversations into their daily business operations. Chris Moody from social media data company Gnip explains why social media for your company is not a one-size-fits-all.

My 10 years of blogging: Reflections, Lessons & Some Stats Too

It was ten years ago I started blogging in earnest. In the years since, what started as a e-blotter turned into a startup. What was a one-man operation is now a collective effort of many talented people. Here are some reflections, lessons learned and stats too.

TokBox Brings Group Video Chat to WordPress Blogs

WordPress bloggers can now embed video chats right into their sites, thanks to a new plug-in from Bay Area-based video chat specialist TokBox. The plug-in is geared towards media sites, making it possible to host talkshows and one-on-one interviews in front of a larger audience.


The Case for Open Source Search in the Enterprise

More and more, open source search looks to be a viable alternative for organizing unstructured data in the enterprise. The open source community believes it has advantages in scalability, flexibility and speed over enterprise-specific behemoths like Autonomy and Microsoft. But more importantly the functionality, cost structure and support services of open source are better adapted to changing enterprise requirements.

Blogging on the iPad: A Sad State of Affairs

When I was tasked to write a roundup of iPad blogging apps, I figured this would be the usual pros and cons of four or five apps. Instead, I found only two, one of which is specific to WordPress. Neither app made me all that happy.

Squarespace Gets $38M to Compete With WordPress and Six Apart

Squarespace, a hosted-content publishing service that competes with companies such as WordPress, Tumblr and Posterous, has closed a $38-million financing round from Accel Partners and Index Ventures. The investment — the company’s first — could ratchet up the level of competition in the online publishing industry.

Guardian Takes Next Step in Open Content Strategy With Blog Plugin

The Guardian newspaper in Britain has launched a plugin for the blog-publishing tool Wordpress that allows websites to embed the full text of Guardian news stories for free, provided they also embed the newspaper’s advertising. It is the latest step in the company’s open platform strategy.

Why the iPad Will Change Blogging for Me

The iPad is going to enable anywhere computing and in the process, change the very idea of computing — much the way cell phones liberated phones calls from a fixed location. And that could seriously impact how and how often I blog.

Revisiting Fluid

I first used Fluid, the site-specific browser creation tool for Mac OS X, a long time ago. But I didn’t find it…

WordPress Outage Takes Us and 10.2M Blogs Out for 2 Hours

As we’re hosted on WordPress.com, we were affected by an outage of their network of blogs today that’s been attributed to a core router change. The company’s 10.2 million hosted blogs were down for 110 minutes, for a projected page view loss of 5.5 million.


Social Media in the Enterprise

The enterprise social software market is emerging as one of the fastest growing areas of enterprise applications. As a young market it is full of small and dynamic players but existing enterprise vendors in the content management, communications, and CRM markets are taking notice. Social software is poised to not only disrupt existing enterprise application markets but also organizations and markets by flattening information flows.

As users shift to new modes of communicating on the open web, they are pulling these new models into the enterprise and ushering in cultural and organizational change. This report covers the underlying technological trends, the market and its drivers, and a competitive overview of the vendors.

Yahoo Spins Off Blo.gs To Automattic

WordPress parent company Automattic has bought the blo.gs pinging and blog trackback service from *Yahoo*. Financial details weren’t disclos…

WordPress Parent Buys Polling Site PollDaddy

No, PollDaddy was never related to GoDaddy, but now it is part of the WordPress family: Automattic, the parent company of Wordpress platform…

Introducing GigaOM Daily

This past weekend at Word Camp 2008, we announced GigaOM Daily, a Twitter-style micro-newswire that is going to take editorial inputs from…

Why Blogs Need To Be Social

Earlier this week, San Francisco-based Six Apart released the newest version of its flagship product, Moveable Type Pro, and pushed the blogging community toward a very social future. It is not a new concept — but now, it’s time for blogs to evolve and embrace the different ways in which we’re sharing our digital lives with the world. In short, they need to become social – very social. Continue Reading.

WordPress For iPhone

WordPress launched an iPhone app for posting blog entries right from your device. With my Mac out of commission yet-again, I thought…

The Chaos Scenario on NPR

Bob Garfield of NPR did a great 12-minute segment on the chaos scenario facing the media business, as new technologies like PVRs,…

Comcast’s VoIP Dream

Brian Roberts, CEO of the largest cable company says that Comcast’s voice-over-Internet-protocol system should be 100% built by mid-2005, and the company…

Big Apple UnWired

The New York Post is reporting that six companies including Nextel and T-Mobile are going to light up New York City with…