Tiny gigahertz antenna could mean 20 Gbps wireless

Better batteries are the holy grail of mobile technology, but in a connected, wireless world antennas deserve some love too. Many recent breakthroughs, such as a sesame-sized antenna that could deliver 20 Gbps Wi-Fi are just as important in driving innovation.

When buying an iPhone, AT&T, Verizon customers stay put

A new report shows Sprint customers are less likely to stay with the carrier when looking for an iPhone than customers who subscribe to AT&T or Verizon Wireless. However, Sprint does better a lot better in attracting new iPhone customers from prepaid or regional carriers.

Why does Apple care so much about SIM cards anyway?

Apple loves controlling the entire experience of its products, and for the iPhone and iPad, the biggest uncontrollable element is a customer’s wireless carrier. Having a say in the SIM card, in theory, pushes Apple closer to the goal of controlling every aspect of its devices.

Sorry — a $120 keyboard won’t save RIM’s $200 PlayBook

Research In Motion introduced a $119 wireless keyboard for its PlayBook tablet, which also includes a convertible case to hold both the keyboard and tablet. But like the recent software upgrades and new apps RIM just added, this device won’t attract many new PlayBook owners.

AT&T’s data traffic is actually doubling annually

AT&T is now claiming that its mobile data traffic is doubling every year, rather than increasing at a more modest 40 percent annual rate. The distinction is important because the faster AT&T’s networks become overloaded the more pressure it faces to find more spectrum.

CES Video: BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 sneak peek

RIM is showing off BlackBerry 2.0 for the PlayBook so I got a quick video look. Native email is nice as are new social integrations and ported games. The software makes the PlayBook better, but with poor sales throughout 2011, will anyone care in 2012?

Verizon to buy Cox spectrum to remake its broadband model

Verizon Wireless has agreed to purchase some of Cox Communications’ wireless spectrum for $315 million. With this deal, and an earlier spectrum deal, Verizon looks like it will focus on its wireless biz and use its wireline fiber business to support enterprises and cell towers.

In Smartphones, Seven Finds a New Heaven

Seven Networks is leveraging its push email technology to create a new system for app data syncing that can help reduce traffic from smartphones and mobile devices by up to 70 percent. The solution has big implications for carriers and for mobile users.

Wireless Carriers Pitch Dumb Idea to Avoid Being Dumb Pipes

European wireless carriers are resurrecting a failed wireline move and trying to extract more money from the likes of Google, Apple and other web and mobile companies. The operators say the costs of building out their networks to handle growth in traffic is outpacing data revenues.

Wireless USB Lives — Warpia Easy Dock

Reports of the death of wireless USB are premature, as the Warpia Easy Dock proves. The Easy Dock allows hooking Windows notebooks or MacBooks up to a full desktop configuration, wirelessly. Peripherals, including a monitor, are wirelessly connected to a notebook via the dock.

How the iPhone Is Driving a Wireless Bandwidth Boom

The popularity of new 3G devices such as the iPhone and BlackBerry 3G has increased the use of data, putting the backend networks under strain. And from that perspective, today’s 3G networks are like glittering skyscrapers built on a foundation of matchsticks.