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Windows Phone 7.8: Early 2013 and… on new devices?

Microsoft has broken its silence on Windows Phone 7.8. In a blog post, the company says the updates should roll out in early 2013. Oddly, it’s working with vendors to release low-cost Windows Phone 7.8 handsets to “strengthen the ecosystem.” That’s a big mistake.

Verizon intros mid-line $99 Nokia Lumia 822

Verizon Wireless traditionally hasn’t been a huge Windows Phone supporter, but it has added a new exclusive Microsoft handset to its lineup on Monday. Nokia’s Lumia 822 with LTE support will sell for $99 with contract and is aimed at first time smartphone owners.

Are 500M Androids a success or no? Call me “maybe.”

It used to be iPhones at every turn, but now there are plenty of Android sightings. That makes sense since there are now 500 million Android devices activated since 2008. That’s more than total iOS devices, however, Google hasn’t yet monetized its broad Android base.

Windows Phone on Verizon this year could boost Microsoft, Nokia

After mainly sitting out from offering cutting-edge Windows Phone handsets, Verizon Wireless appears to be ready to help Microsoft and Nokia: The largest U.S. carrier is expected — possibly in a few weeks — to launch a Nokia smartphone running the newest version of Windows Phone this year.

2 out of 3 U.S. consumers agree: We’re buying smartphones!

After topping the mountain in February when the U.S. passed 50 percent smartphone ownership, It’s all downhill: Nielsen notes 2 of 3 new phone purchases in the U.S. last month were smartphones. Android and iOS continue to pull away from the pack while BlackBerry fades away.

Nokia launches low-cost, but limited, Lumia 610 in UK

Nokia has launch the Lumia 610 at a low, £15 per month price point with service in the UK. It’s not high performing hardware, but Windows Phone runs well on meager silicon. The bigger issue is limited memory, which means some top tier apps are incompatible.

Microsoft HomeOS merges the smart home and smartphone

Microsoft’s Research division is testing home automation market software it developed that makes it easy for devices to speak to each other. This HomeOS platform can help demystify smart home systems with numerous protocols. Plus it works nicely on smartphones for remote control and monitoring.

Facebook readying improved Windows Phone software

Facebook may not have a phone of its own (yet), but it continues to improve its mobile clients: On Tuesday, the company outlined updates coming soon for the Windows Phone version of Facebook. The refreshed software will add threaded messaging, tagging and other features.

Endomondo keeps Android, Windows Phone users running

With a growing number of mobile apps to track excercise, it’s becoming difficult for software to stand out from the crowd. The team behind Endomondo is making the attempt with updates to its app on both Android and Windows Phone, gaining interval workouts and social integration.

Why TextPlus is betting on Windows Phone over BlackBerry

TextPlus, maker of the popular TextPlus communications apps, is betting on Windows Phone 7 over BlackBerry. The company released its TextPlus messaging app on Windows Phone and expects to roll out its TextPlus Free Calls VoIP companion app in the first half of this year.

Need a nutrition-tracking app? Try MyFitnessPal

After recently capping my running streak at 425 days and buying a Bluetooth 4.0 heart monitor, I’m adding more mobile tech to my health-tracking obsession by tracking daily nutrition on my smartphone. After some research, I settled on the free MyFitnessPal app. Here’s why.

Only 8.5% Of Internet Usage Comes Via Mobile

When you read the headlines of how ubiquitous smartphones are becoming, and how in some countries the mobile device is overtaking the PC in…

What to expect from Nokia World

On Wednesday in London, Nokia kicks off its anual Nokia World event with a keynote by CEO, Stephen Elop. Both his speech and the Nokia smartphones he’ll introduce will define the company’s next few years and tell the world if the Microsoft partnership will pay off.

Nokia Ships Its Lone MeeGo Sailor, The N9

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) may be hard at work right now trying to ensure that its first Windows Phone devices are beautiful and perfect when the go…

Microsoft’s $1B For Nokia: Cool or Calamity?

Reports suggest Microsoft is paying Nokia $1 billion to drop its own software and adopt Windows Phone 7. That’s big money on the surface, but looking at the pros and cons for each of the two sides, it may look cheap a few years from now.

Microsoft Courts Mobile Developers With Cash

Here’s one way to boost the number of apps in your app store: Offer developers money to build them. That’s what Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) is do…

Microsoft Suddenly Hangs Up On KIN

Perhaps it was Apple’s ability to sell 600,000 iPhone 4s on opening day, or maybe it was Google’s quick run-up to activating 160,000 Android…

Microsoft Successfully Courting Developers for Windows Phone: Study

Microsoft’s efforts to lure developers to its upcoming Windows Phone operating system are working, according to new data from Appcelerator. And developer support will be crucial if Redmond’s flagship mobile platform is to compete with iPhone and Android in the smartphone space.

Why the First WinPhone Chassis Design Is Key for Microsoft

Microsoft plans to deliver three chassis designs for Windows Phone 7, which is due out late this year. But it’s the first chassis — which will support big-screen, touch-only devices — that will be key as a new wave of connected devices come to market.

MySpace And Microsoft In Mobile Deal

MySpace has announced two deals with Microsoft: The first is a MySpace application for Windows Mobile handsets, starting on WinMo 6.1 and th…

How Microsoft Keeps Out The Lame Apps

More details are sneaking out about Microsoft’s upcoming marketplace for Windows Mobile phones, and the fine print is concerning some develo…