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Summly wants to make news summaries cool

Nary a day goes by when someone or the other doesn’t come up a new way to help us deal with information overload. Today, Summly enters the sweepstakes with an app that automagically summarizes news from different sources for quick easy on-the-go consumption.

Intel and Microsoft are taking their mobile baby steps

ZTE and Motorola indicated that they are making Intel-powered smartphones. Samsung announced the Microsoft Windows 8 powered ATIV-S phones, beating Nokia to the punch. These are first signs of PC-business behemoths trying hard to find relevance in a mobile-first world of Apple, Google and Qualcomm.

A brief history of Microsoft’s e-reader efforts

Although Microsoft invested $300 million in a Barnes & Noble spin-off on Monday, this isn’t the first time Microsoft played the e-book game. Typical for the company, it often has great ideas, but it errs on the timing: Microsoft debuted e-book software back in 2000!

MobileTechRoundup podcast 243

Joint Matt and Kevin as they return to the mobile tech podcast after a short summer break. Hands on thoughts with the HP TouchPad, myTouch 4G Slide, HTC Status Facebook phone and Nokia E6. Participate in the live show through the chat room!

Waze prepares for its closeup with Carmageddon

While almost no one is looking forward to Los Angeles’ so-called Carmageddon, an upcoming closure of a busy freeway, crowd-sourced traffic app Waze sees an opportunity to shine. The company is teaming with the local ABC affiliate to beef up ABC’s real-time traffic information for drivers.

I’ve Got the Whole World (Cup) in My Hands!

The always exciting World Cup kicks off today and I’m using a free mobile application from to keep track of it all. While I’d rather watch streaming video of the matches, this software gives me a quick fix and runs on most major mobile platforms.

Why LG Is Enlisting In the Android Army

LG Electronics hopes to turn around profits in its mobile communications division by building 20 new Google Android devices by the end of this year. Last year, LGE was vocally committed to Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform. My, how one year can change everything.

Microsoft Aims New Kin Handsets at Twittering Teens

Microsoft today launched its Kin line of handsets — web-enabled touchscreen phones built around social networking features, messaging, video sharing and the company’s Zune music offering. The new line is aimed squarely at the pre-smartphone demographic — a group that few competitors are targeting.

iPad Accessories Series: Case Roundup

Our iPad Accessories Series focuses on cases for the iPad. Case manufacturers are coming out of the woodwork almost hourly; we’ve gathered up the best at the time of publication. The cases run the gamut from simple cloth bags to expensive leather covers for your precious.

Why the OS Is Hot at CTIA — and What It Means

The mobile industry has gathered in Las Vegas for CTIA, its annual dog-and-pony show featuring the latest handsets and technology. This year’s show is all about the mobile operating system, as evidenced by the first wave of announcements out this morning. Here’s what they mean.

Why Microsoft Should Allow Third Parties to Sell WinPhone Apps

Microsoft is taking a page from Apple’s playbook and will require developers to sell Windows Phone apps exclusively through the company’s upcoming flagship store. It’s a move that will surely destroy some of the goodwill Microsoft has been working so hard to build up.

Microsoft Gives Developers the Hard Sell at MIX10

Microsoft is betting that that Silverlight can help lure third-party developers to its Windows Phone operating system, which is scheduled to be released by the end of the year. It’s a strategy that seems to be paying dividends — so far.

Who's Cheering for Windows Phone?

Microsoft faces a tough assignment when it comes to regaining its relevance in mobile, but there’s no shortage of players who have a vested interest in seeing Windows Phone succeed. Here are some of those rooting for Microsoft’s upcoming mobile OS to challenge iPhone and Android.

Adobe Pulls Flash Plans for Windows Mobile

Skype yesterday pulled support for Windows Mobile 6.5, and today it’s Adobe’s turn. The promise of Flash 10.1 on Microsoft’s current handsets is a broken one, but the reason provided simply doesn’t make sense. Is this the sign of a bad trend for Microsoft’s phones?

Why Skype Just Hung Up on Windows Mobile

If you’re looking to install Skype on your Windows Mobile handset, you can stop looking. Skype pulled the software and there’s actually a very good reason. It’s been the same issue that’s hampered the Skype experience for years on Windows Mobile devices.

Windows Phone 7 Series Has Three Chassis Designs?

How many Windows Phone 7 Series chassis designs are there? “Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceedest on to three.”

Software Breaks the Driving While Smartphoning Addiction

Many can’t seem to break the habit of driving while texting or sending email. ZoomSafer has a software solution that leverages the GPS in your handset to disable the display and keyboard. The app can even respond to email automatically for you while driving.

HTC 2010 Roadmap: 3 New Phones

HTC announced 3 new smartphones to carry both the Android and Windows Mobile platforms into the new year. The Legend and Desire are new Android phones, while the HD mini is the company’s latest Windows Mobile offering. The phones will be released outside the U.S. initially.

Windows Phone 7 Is Impressive, But 3 Challenges Remain for Microsoft

Microsoft wowed attendees at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today with an overhauled version of its venerable mobile operating system. But for Redmond to regain its mobile relevance and challenge players like Apple and Google, it will have to address three key challenges.

Swype on myTouch 3G — Text Entry Without Lifting a Finger

Starting today, T-Mobile’s MyTouch 3G enjoys a new keyboard input method in Swype. Instead of pecking away at the keys, you simply swipe your words without lifting a finger. And it’s not just for Android devices — an upcoming Windows Mobile handset will see it too.

WorldMate Teams Up with LinkedIn

WorldMate has teamed up with LinkedIn to bring network integration onto the BlackBerry. WorldMate members can now tap into the LinkedIn network from within the new BlackBerry app. It is now easy to share travel plans with the LinkedIn network from right on the phone.

WinMo Wrap: New Version Unveiled

The week marches on and today being Saturday means it is time to recap the recent happenings in the world of Windows Mobile. Microsoft presented another interim release of Windows Mobile this week. Version 6.5.3 adds OS support for multitouch for the first time.

Multitouch Comes to Windows Mobile

The next big version of Windows Mobile is now released. No, not WinMo 7, but version 6.5.3. This new version adds native multitouch support to WinMo, along with user interface improvements designed to make touch operation easier. The browser is faster too, and that’s always welcome.


Web Tablet Survey: Apple’s iPad Hits Right Notes

Apple had the attention of the technology world last week as it finally unveiled its new web tablet, the iPad. The long-rumored product met most, if not all, of the pre-announcement expectations with an impressive array of features and Apple’s trademark design. But will technology enthusiasts race to the closest Apple store come March 2010, when the product hits the streets? Not necessarily.

In a survey of both Apple enthusiasts and general mobile enthusiasts — derived from our readership at TheAppleBlog and JkOnTheRun – all 1,000 survey panel respondents were very aware of the iPad, but technology enthusiasts can be fairly discerning buyers.

This report looks at web tablet demand trends among advanced technology consumers/early adopters — including demographic factors influencing purchasing decision, key features and characteristics supporting demand, and preferred operating systems — and applies the conclusions to project demand for Apple’s iPad over the first six months following its introduction.

First Impressions of HP iPAQ Glisten Smartphone

The HP iPAQ line of mobile devices has been around for a long time. HP’s latest entry into the smartphone world, the Glisten, is a touch-enabled phone that also includes a great QWERTY keyboard. So how does the Glisten stack up overall?

Zune Phone at MWC?

Those who follow the smartphone world have longed for a Zune phone. The new Zunes have an interface and hardware that is perfect for a smartphone, but Microsoft has previously said “no way.” That may be changing if this rumor holds up.

Foursquare Unofficially Checks In on Windows Mobile

With clients on nearly every other mobile platform, where is the Foursquare app for Windows Mobile? One enterprising developer couldn’t wait, so he created his own. WinMoSquare offers a solid alternative to the Foursquare mobile website.

Will Microsoft's "Pink" Come in 2 WinMo Flavors?

Microsoft will finally introduce its “Pink” phone in the next month or two, according to a report from Jefferies & Co. And we may see it be released alongside dual versions of Windows Mobile that separately target business users and consumers.

How Microsoft Can Get Back in the Mobile Game

LG, like many of its fellow manufacturers, is shifting its focus toward Android and away from Windows Mobile. As Microsoft scrambles to churn out the newest version of its mobile operating system, we offer some ideas to get back in the game.

Has the Window Closed for Windows Mobile?

Industry onlookers are expecting Microsoft to introduce the latest version of Windows Mobile at next month’s Mobile World Congress. But it may already be too late for Microsoft to get back in the game with its mobile operating system.

Microsoft + Mobile Consumers = FAIL

Microsoft has thrived in the enterprise but has consistently failed to understand the needs and wants of consumers. And nowhere is that more evident than in wireless, where Windows Mobile continues to lose market share to consumer-centric operating systems and handsets.

Palm Kills WinMo as Pre Loses Momentum

Like a desperate gambler down to his last few chips, Palm (s palm) is ditching Windows Mobile and going all in with…


To Win in the Mobile Market, Focus on Consumers

The opportunity for someone to take the lead towards a true open mobile market is sitting there like low hanging fruit, yet the players are all trying to keep control — from the aging carriers to the hip, new platform-designers that orchestrate the experience of using a handset.

Skype On the Go

One of the most common requests made by Skype users is “How can I access Skype from my mobile device?” Skype user needs on mobile are different — but it is the data protocols and data plans that place the final limitation on migrating a VoIP client to mobile.

08/29/2004 Broadband Daily

How fast is really fast? Treo PC? Not possible. WiFi and Bluetooth are not fast enough to deal the crisp video signals…