Windows 7

OnLive brings Windows desktops in cloud to Android

OnLive Desktop launched for Android devices on Thursday. The free software allows tablets and smartphones to run an instance of Windows 7 through the web. The Windows environment is hosted in the cloud on OnLive’s servers that the Desktop client remotely accesses over a broadband connection.

Thanks to Microsoft, the Cloud Meets The Onion

The company that made the PC omnipresent in American homes is now trying to do the same thing with cloud computing. You’ve no doubt seen a frustrated mother on television going “to the cloud” to edit family photos. The Onion contributor Amelie Gillette certainly has.

5 Must-have Free Windows 7 Utilities

Windows 7 is easily the best version of Windows but even so, it can be even better with the proper utilities. There are many utilities to choose from, however, so to help in the search here are my top five.

5 Ways to Stretch Laptop Battery Runtime

Laptop users know that the battery in their system determines how much time can be spent using it away from the power outlet. Sometimes it may be critical to squeeze as much runtime out of the battery as possible. Here are 5 ways to do that.

Apple Should Open Its Kimono — Pronto

Apple, since its 1970s launch, has enjoyed special favor and even worship from the open source community, free thinkers and supporters of open standards. And yet, with each new step, Apple becomes more closed. That’s why, as the cash registers ring in Cupertino, peril lies ahead.

Yes Virginia, There IS an iTablet

The speculation ran rampant before the iPad launch whether Apple would name the slate the iTablet or the iPad. We know the answer now of course, but that doesn’t meant there is not an iTablet, too. There’s a Windows 7-based iTablet coming.

Forecasting Windows 7

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 7, has much brighter prospects than Windows Vista had upon initial release. Its core code, while it…

Ice-T Murders Da Mac

In order to celebrate the release of Windows 7, I am going to give you something to cheer about…. [youtube=] OK now…

As Windows 7 Rolls Out, 4 Things to Expect

Microsoft is set to roll out its much talked-about — and generally well-reviewed — Windows 7 operating system tomorrow, a day some…